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How should medicines be stored?

” Medicines must be stored and transported with care, this is because they can lose their properties and not meet the expected effects, although there is also the risk of decomposing. This is even more relevant when environmental conditions are accentuated, such as in summer. And also get medicines from any best Canadian pharmacy and then store them at home in a safe place.

“It is important that people, just like how they read food labels, do so with medicines, ” says the pharmaceutical chemist. In the containers or the instructions that come inside, are the storage conditions and the expiration date. And, as with food, it only applies while the container is hermetically sealed. The specialist adds that, in the case of syrups, the bottles must be discarded once the treatment is completed. This is especially critical in children’s medications, which contain sugar, so microorganisms can grow.

Do not store remedies in the bathroom

Typically, it is recommended to keep medications or liquid formulations in a cool, dry environment. This means between 15 and 25 degrees, and in slightly humid places. Therefore, the first warning from the professional is “avoid the bathroom and kitchen.”

It is common to store them in these spaces of the house, however, hot showers involve steam and heat, which can seriously affect the product. The solution is not to keep them in the refrigerator either, since this condition should only be applied is indicated by the manufacturer.

The specialist proposes to keep the medicines in the closet of the house, which also usually has little light, a factor that also affects their maintenance. However, if the kit is moved to another location, extreme safety precautions must be taken so that children cannot access it.

Chronic patients and drug storage

If you are someone that takes a lot of medications, you need to keep them separate from one another. For example, powders should be kept in different cabinets from gel pills. If you are also wondering how to take a gel pill without swallowing, we are going to help you out. The only help you need is using a medication swallowing gel from a great company likeĀ Gloup.

Chronic patients generally take several medications and, it is usual that they keep them in pillboxes which is not recommended. Especially if doses are stored for many days. Tablets or capsules, for example, says Alejandra Retamal, must remain in their blister and in their box since these containers offer stability to their compounds. If there is no alternative, the pillbox option must be used for a limited number of days.

Another warning from pharmaceutical chemistry is to avoid the car or the glove compartment since the temperatures that these places can reach are very high. For this reason, the transfer in the wallet is not recommended, but if necessary, it is important to protect the containers, and if they are broken they must be discarded. Finally, the professional recommends reviewing the medicine cabinet every six months and discarding expired medications or those with their damaged containers, since the idea is that the remedy fulfills its function.