10 Options to Try if a Loved One Refused to Be Treated for Addiction

Options to Try if a Loved One Refused to Be Treated for Addiction

Options to Try if a Loved One Refused to Be Treated for Addiction

Drug addiction can be quite serious. Someone you know may have this affliction. It could even impact a close family member who you love.

Options like No Matter What Recovery are there to help individuals dealing with drug problems.

We will also discuss some additional options right now.

Offer Nonjudgmental Support

Some drug users will not cooperate with you if they feel that you are judging them. Assure the person that you’re not doing that, and also that you will do all you can to help as they try to get clean.

Appeal to Their Humanity

Appealing to someone in any way you can who won’t stop using drugs might change their mind. You may have their children or anyone else in their life point out the hurtful ways they have behaved, shaming them into quitting.

Cut Off Their Privileges

If there’s someone living with you who refuses help for drug addiction, you might no longer do the things for them that they like. That might include cooking meals for them, cleaning up after them, or generally doing anything else on which they’ve come to rely.

Use a Method that Doesn’t Involve Guilt

Some drug users will respond if you try to guilt them into changing their behavior, but that can be the wrong approach for others. Trying a method that doesn’t involve making the individual feel guilty may produce a better result.

An Ultimatum

Telling someone that they must quit using drugs or you’ll shut them out of your life can sometimes work. You can tell this person that they must move out of your house, and you will never see them again if they refuse treatment.

An Intervention

An intervention might work. You can have all the essential people in the afflicted individual’s life come to the intervention and talk about what the person’s drug use is doing to them.

Cut Off the Person’s Money

If someone does not have access to money, they can’t get their drug of choice. Cutting off this person’s access to funds might help if they can’t get clean on their own. You might restrict access to their bank account and take their checks away from them if they have a job.

Restrict Their Access to Friends

Maybe this individual is using drugs mostly with certain other people. If you feel the crowd this person is running with is causing their drug use, then you can tell these friends they are no longer welcome in your home or in your loved one’s life.


If nothing else has worked, you might consider relocating and moving the drug addict to another city or state. A change of location may be enough to get them away from their bad habits.

A Forced Detox

Locking someone up in a room and forcing them to detox might get them clean. This won’t be easy, but if you can keep someone from using their drug of choice for long enough, that should break their physical or psychological dependence.