Best hospitals for Thyroid cancer worldwide

Thyroid cancer

Thyroid cancer

Thyroid cancer treatment is a real challenge for modern oncology. More than 43.000 new cases are diagnosed annually1. In this article, we have prepared a rating of the famous hospitals in different countries, which will facilitate choosing the best one for your case. When compiling a list of hospitals, we considered the therapy’s success rates, the level of service, the speed of the clinic’s response, the presence of world-renowned oncologists, etc.

The AiroMedical platform was created to help patients seeking solutions and opportunities to cure thyroid cancer. Please use our knowledge and learn about the best hospitals in Europe and the USA for thyroid cancer.

Criteria for selecting the best hospitals for thyroid cancer

Modern medicine knows many ways to combat thyroid cancer effectively. But, of course, in the war for life and health, the main thing is to start acting as early as possible, ahead of the disease. And here, much depends on the knowledge and experience of oncologists, as well as on the quality of the hospital’s equipment.

What we take into account when choosing a clinic:

  • Presence of international certificates of compliance with the standards of oncological care (ISO, ESQH, or JCI).
  • Availability of effective programs to improve the patient’s health and quality of life. Modern medicine can help even patients with metastatic cancer.
  • Qualifications and experience of oncologists. It is reasonable to strive for a specialist who has won worldwide recognition in treating thyroid cancer.
  • Teamwork. A well-developed and well-coordinated interdisciplinary approach will increase the chances of recovery.
  • Reviews. Comments from other patients are a reliable indicator of the clinic’s level.
  • A second opinion from the oncologist. Getting an independent expert opinion is an opportunity to learn about all the possibilities to defeat your disease.

Top hospitals for thyroid cancer treatment in the United States 

Such list of hospitals in the US actively implement the latest scientific developments:

Benefits of medical treatment in the US

The USA is one of the world leaders in innovations and opportunities for thyroid cancer therapy. About a third of the clinical trials are focused on oncology. Among the benefits of treatment here:

  • Excellent equipment. Every clinic from our list of hospitals has everything to detect tumors as quickly and accurately as possible.
  • The latest treatment methods. American oncologists prescribe therapy based on the results of tests and each case, understanding that not all prescriptions help everyone equally.
  • Scientific research. American doctors are constantly looking for more effective methods of early diagnosis and treatment of thyroid cancer.

Given all these nuances, patients prefer to undergo thyroid cancer treatment in hospitals in the US, knowing they will receive full assistance.

Top hospitals for thyroid cancer treatment in Europe

Such a list of hospitals justified the trust of hundreds of patients:

Benefits of medical treatment in Europe

For decades, Europe has been regarded as a consistent and universally recognized leader in the early detection and treatment of thyroid cancer. As a result, there are no hopeless patients for European oncologists. Among the advantages of hospitals in Europe:  

  • Regular introduction of the latest pharmaceutical technologies.
  • An individual treatment approach is the basic principle of European medicine.
  • Scientific research aimed at improving therapeutic and diagnostic techniques2.
  • High level of oncology financing by the government.

Top hospitals for thyroid cancer treatment in Poland

Patients diagnosed with thyroid cancer at any stage are helped:

Benefits of medical treatment in Poland

Over the past decade, Polish medicine has reached a new high level and continues to develop rapidly. As a result, hospitals in Poland can compete with world giants such as Israel, Germany, and the USA. Thyroid cancer treatment in hospitals in Poland is primarily:

  • High level of qualification of oncologists.
  • Modern diagnostic methods. 
  • Optimal and gentle medicine, minimally invasive surgery, and the newest drugs.

Top hospitals for thyroid cancer treatment in Italy

The whole range of services for thyroid cancer therapy provides:

Benefits of medical treatment in Italy

The favor of thyroid cancer treatment in Italy plays such essential factors:

  • Funding. The country annually invests 8.7% of its Gross domestic product in medicine, giving its results.
  • Advanced equipment from Italian manufacturers (ASAlaser, A.M.I. Italia, MIR). 
  • Pleasant climate, leading to a speedy recovery.

Top hospitals for thyroid cancer treatment in Germany

The best indicators in treating thyroid cancer have:

Benefits of medical treatment in Germany

The state fully supports the medical sphere, which causes the rapid development of the healthcare system. Great attention is paid to the following:

  • Medical qualifications. Doctors are constantly undergoing additional training and participating in scientific research. 
  • German medical centers use innovative developments, robotic surgery, and cellular therapy with minimal side effects. 
  • Highly developed pharmaceutical industry.

Best thyroid cancer doctors worldwide

Leading doctors who specialize in thyroid cancer therapy and surgery:

Best treatment solutions for treating thyroid cancer 

Therapeutic tactics for thyroid cancer are chosen based on the tumor type and stage and the patient’s condition:

  • Surgery. In the fight against thyroid cancer, most often resort to surgery to remove the thyroid gland — thyroidectomy3. It can be total or partial, with a 98% success rate.
  • Radioactive iodine therapy. Radioactive iodine I-131 can destroy cancer cells, stop the metastasis process and lead to their disappearance in 60% of cases.
  • Radiotherapy. This method directs X-rays to the tumor, which destroys the cells. The overall survival rate was 79.8% after six months. 
  • Immunotherapy. Specific drugs help the patient’s immune system to distinguish tumor cells from healthy ones and combat thyroid cancer. The probability of success might be about 50%
  • Chemotherapy. Sometimes treatment with cytostatic drugs becomes the only way for those patients who do not have a proper reaction to radiation or radioiodine therapy. The average clinical benefit was 54.3%.
  • Targeted therapy. These drugs act only on cancer and purposefully destroy oncological foci4. In 67% of cases, the disease stabilizes.

How to get treatment in the best hospitals for тhyroid cancer

Medicine and science are developing by leaps and bounds. However, overcoming a severe illness is a complex task that requires the responsible and consistent work of professionals.

At AiroMedical, we offer:

  • Careful study of the patient’s problem.
  • Assistance in finding an oncological endocrinologist and a specialized clinic.
  • Answers to any questions about existing treatment options worldwide.
  • Obtaining a second opinion from a leading endocrinologist-oncologist.

To learn more about the possibilities of modern medicine, innovative technologies, and drugs used to treat thyroid cancer, fill out the contact form on our website.


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