10 Best Places That Offer Luxury Rehab



Did you know that rehab facilities in Bali are growing in popularity with Australians? This is because more and more people, Australians included, are now open to healing their drug dependency abroad. Recovering from drug dependency while abroad is ideal for many reasons. It is primarily convenient and affordable. In the case of an Australian who would choose to enter drug rehab in Bali, he or she would get to be treated like a king or a queen without having to spend so much. If you’re considering undergoing recovery abroad, you might want to check out places that offer luxury rehabs. Recovering in the most comfortable way possible may just be the solution you’re looking for.

Why consider luxury rehab?

You should seriously consider recovering at a luxury rehab mainly for the following reasons:

  1. Space – choosing to heal abroad will allow you to be totally separate from the very environment that caused you stress. It will allow you to clear your mind and think everything through without getting triggered every now and then. You will fully be able to reset. A new environment will allow you to easily feel grounded and connected to your center.
  2. Effectivity– luxury rehabs are getting more and more popular because they are especially effective in making people recover from drug dependency. This is because luxury rehabs offer various methods and options for recovery. Luxury rehabs also have in-house doctors, therapists, and trainers.
  3. Affordability – luxury rehabs are surprisingly affordable. This is especially the case if you’d choose to recover in Bali, Indonesia, or any Asian country with a luxury rehab. You will end up spending less.

10 Best Places That Offer Luxury Rehab

  1. India

India will always be a place for everyone to find respite and rest. It has been a favorite of many who wish to explore themselves by delving into a world that is completely different and invigorating. The same is going to be the case if you will choose to recover from drug dependence in the country. It is home to hundreds of luxury drug rehabs that will allow you to seamlessly center your healing on meditation and peace.

  1. The U.S.

The States is home to over hundreds of luxury drug rehab facilities. As the nation is the land of the free and the home of the brave, you will find it very easy to look for a luxury rehab facility that will suit your individual needs. The best ones are in Hawaii, New York, and Florida.

  1. The U.K.

You can also choose to recover in Europe by visiting the United Kingdom. Luxury drug rehabs in the U.K. are supremely posh. It will not be hard for you to look for one that comes with amethyst crystal steam rooms, vitality pools, and color therapy rooms.

  1. Mexico

Mexico is also an ideal country if you want to get into a luxury rehab center. It is home to advanced drug rehab facilities that are equipped with the latest tools and methods in drug dependence therapy. You will love how recovering in a luxury drug rehab in Mexico will give you access to non-stop delicious food and beautiful beaches.

  1. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a deeply spiritual place in Indonesia that is also home to hundreds of luxury drug rehab centers. Recovery is significantly effective here because patients are surrounded by a lush serene environment that is rich with breathtaking beaches and lush forests. Luxury rehab centers here like Calm Rehab Bali even offer exclusive villas to individuals who want to heal and recover privately. Such individuals have access to their own personal trainer and personal chef.

  1. Switzerland

A lot of people wish and even aim to be residents of this beautiful country. This is why it should come as no surprise that it is also an ideal place for individuals who want to recover from drug dependence. Apart from being one of the best places to live, it is also home to hundreds of luxury drug rehab centers that have hotel-like exteriors and interiors. Healing here would feel like a relaxing vacation away from it all.

  1. Greece

You will also enjoy recovering from drug dependence if you’d choose to heal in Greece. Greece is home to many world-class and highly advanced rehab centers that deploy personalized therapy methods. It is also home to breathtaking sights and beautiful beaches. Top international executives and celebrities often choose to enter luxury drug rehab centers in this country.

  1. Spain

Spain is also a fantastic location for healing. Its long history of recovering from drug abuse, as a nation, is remarkable. This is why the country has strong societal structures that make it easy for individuals to heal from drug dependence. Choosing a luxury drug rehab here will give you the fabulous chance to heal in a private villa that has a divine view of the Mediterranean Sea.

  1. South Africa

If you want to be truly out-of-reach and you long for an intense reset, you should choose a luxury drug rehab in South Africa. Luxury drug rehabs in South Africa will allow you to smoothly recover from drug dependence while enjoying nature’s raw beauty.

  1. Nepal

The country is home to the most popular and sought-after luxury rehab in the world. People choose to recover in Nepal because there is something about the particular altitude and sights in the country that allows a person to quickly feel grounded and at ease. Many of the luxury drug rehabs in the country are managed by monks that promote the practice of self-control, happiness, and peace.