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Drug Detox Types: Natural And Medical Detoxifications  




If you have clicked on this article, then there is a possibility that it is either you who is dealing with the problem-

Or, you are trying to help someone else with the problem, which is battling drug addiction.

We would like to tell you one thing without any judgment,

It is okay!

You or someone close just went down the wrong rabbit hole, but the ending is not sealed yet.

With the right determination, they will definitely be able to get out of that rabbit hole and lead a healthy life.

Patience is a real virtue when it comes to recovering from drug addiction.

Do you want to know another virtue?

It is knowledge!

Without the proper knowledge, you wouldn’t be able to get out of any situation. Let alone a deadly drug addiction.

Thus, you should give this excerpt below a thorough read; this will help you understand the different treatment options which you might have to choose from when it comes to treatment.

First, we will be discussing the different treatment options which you can choose from and what you should look forward to.

Second, should you go just for detox, or should you opt for something else as well?

You will get all these answers!

What Is Natural Detox When It Comes To Drug Addiction

When it comes to natural detox, no, we are not talking about doing a detox at home by buying some of the prescription drugs and isolating ourselves in a room.

Natural detox consists of some of the natural whole foods and superfoods which can help your body to gain strength from inside.

Detox your entire body with the help of these whole foods, fiber, and antioxidants.


This can also help you prevent body dependency.

This is what we understand by natural detox.

You are an employer and you want to make sure that your employees are not using drugs. You are also a parent and you want to make sure that your kids are not using drugs.

Drug use is on the rise, and it is hard to keep up with all the new and emerging drugs. It is also hard to test for them all.

I Drug Screen provides customized drug tests for any substance, including prescription drugs, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, PCP, ecstasy and more. You can even test for designer drugs!

What Is Medical Detox?

According to VSM Detox journey, medical detox is a complete medical procedure where the patient first enrolls themselves in a recovery center, and then the medical professionals check their body.

Then accordingly, limited doses of medicines are prescribed to detox the body and then help through the pain of withdrawal symptoms.

When we talk about medical detox, you must remember that this is one of the most effective ways to cleanse the body and is more effective than natural detox.

This is why you must always enroll someone who is battling drug addiction in a detoxification center.

What Are The Two Types Of Detoxification Center

When we talk about detoxification and rehabilitation, there are mainly two kinds for someone suffering from drug addiction.

1. Inpatient Detoxification Center

This is where the patient is permanently enrolled in a recovery center, and the time period depends on the intensity of their addiction.

For the course of time, they will be subjected to several treatments, including but not limited to medical detox, therapy, and even self-help groups.

2. Outpatient Detoxification Center

An outpatient detox center has more flexible timing for its patients!

This is where the patient will be able to move in and out of the center without many restrictions.

All they have to do is come for the scheduled therapies and detoxification sessions.

What To Expect In A Medical Drug Detoxification

We have already learned the definition of medical detox, and now we can finally talk about the different things you can expect in a drug detoxification center.

1. Finding Other Physical Ailments

So, you went for drug detox, and instead, you discovered some other ailments which will require immediate treatment; what could be better than that, right?

This is the best part about digital detox!

You will be able to get treatment for your entire body even though you have just been enrolled for the purpose of detoxifying your body.

There you will also get medicine prescriptions for these ailments along with the one that helps you detox your body.

This is one of the crucial reasons why medical detox is so much better than any other natural detox.

2. Detoxifying Body

There are some drugs like heroin, cocaine, meth, or even prescription drugs like opium which are harmful to your body.

This is one of the reasons why you need medical detox again, as its main purpose is to infiltrate the body and cleanse the entire body with the help of medicines.

On cleaning the entire body, they ensure that the patient’s body is free of any residual toxins from the drugs.

The longer the drug is present in the body, the more it will cause long-term harm. Plus, the body will never leave dependency on these drugs.

Thus, this is the first stage of recovery to get to the other parts.

3. Withdrawal Assistance

The withdrawal symptoms of drugs are that of the worst kind.


  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Fatigue.
  • Hallucinations.
  • Depression.
  • Insomnia,


  • Fever.

At times like this, the patient needs help, and the medical detox team has to be the one to provide this help.

The patient is then given medicine for the purpose of easing the pain, and the medical professionals are also constantly supervising the recovery.

4. Doctor Supervision

Doctor supervision while the person is under prescribed drugs is very important!

Especially if the patient has been suffering from drug addiction.

It is like fighting poison with poison; only the dosage of poison is minimum, limited, and well supervised.

5. Proper Diet

Proper diet with medical detox is not just the golden combo; it is very much required!

The patient’s body is going to be weak, and in order for them to gain the strength for withdrawal and then prevent body dependency, they will require the right kind of drug.

A proper diet will also help you with your mental health.

Happy Detox!

Medical detox is a very efficient way to jump-start your recovery journey.

However, medical detox is not everything!

After a patient has a successful medical detox, they must know where to get the right kind of recovery help in terms of therapy and self-help groups.