How Important Is Maintenance Care for Chiropractic Patients?

Chiropractic Patients

Chiropractic Patients

Many people only consider visiting a chiropractor once they actually have a problem with their back. Common reasons to visit a chiropractor are because of car accidents or sports injuries. You may have been referred to a chiropractor through your doctor before, or had a recommendation from a friend.

However, chiropractors don’t just deal with back problems, they can help with a number of joint disorders including osteoarthritis which can come from an injury in earlier life.

Chiropractors can help with this type of condition by providing maintenance care. They can address the cause of arthritis and through treatment, prevent symptoms from getting worse.

What is meant by chiropractic maintenance care?

If you own an automobile you will at some point have a problem with it, unless you’re extremely lucky. Cars break down, and parts wear out and stop working.

If Your car breaks down it will need repairing. This usually involves taking the vehicle to a mechanic, but, further problems can still happen down the line.

To prevent further breakdowns you might consider carrying out regular maintenance. This could be referred to as preventative maintenance as the idea behind it is to keep the car running and spot possible concerns before they become bigger problems. And chiropractors can treat people in the same way by fixing back and joint problems, then following up with regular maintenance care.

The Northville Chiropractic clinic is just one center that practices maintenance care for patients. Chiropractic adjustments can help you to return to optimum health, and maintenance treatments can keep you at this level.

Why is maintenance care so important?

Initial treatment plans might involve several visits to a chiropractor each week until your symptoms have gone.

Normally, patients notice a considerable reduction in pain after just one visit to a chiropractor, but it could take a month for full health to return.

After your health has returned and the treatment plan has finished, it might be advisable to continue visiting your chiropractor for maintenance care so as to prevent further problems. Maintenance visits help to spot misalignments before pain and damage can occur.

Undiagnosed problems will be harder to correct and they can  result in a further treatment plan being needed, putting you back to square one. Maintenance care can help reduce the chances of this happening.

Your chiropractor may recommend you have maintenance care once or twice a month after your initial treatment plan is complete, and they may give you exercises to strengthen your back and stretches to help also.

What is involved in chiropractic maintenance care?

Many chiropractors today offer more than just spinal adjustments, and it isn’t unusual for them to give nutrition and lifestyle advice to help their patients reach optimal health.

Maintenance care is just one more service that is offered by chiropractors as part of an overall wellness package. The chiropractor’s aim during maintenance care will be to help you strengthen muscles and joints so that you can function properly in daily life. These sessions will include adjustments to ensure your spine and joints are correctly aligned to avoid inflammation and damage. You may be given massage therapy, and strengthening exercises, and shown how to stretch safely.

Maintenance care can help with many conditions including scoliosis. Chiropractors cannot completely straighten a patient’s spine, but they can help with pain relief and reduce curvature through non-surgical scoliosis treatment.

Should you visit a chiropractor regularly?

You should take advice from your chiropractor about how often you need maintenance visits. Your body’s reaction to adjustments will also play a part in how often you visit your chiropractor.

You can visit a chiropractor as often as you like, but you should  listen to your body and understand what your tolerance levels are.

Unfortunately, there can be some side effects to chiropractic adjustments and these include tiredness and pain.

Many people include chiropractor visits in their general health and fitness schedule, and for sports people, there are many benefits to having regular maintenance care and adjustments.

As people get older, regular health checkups can be beneficial, and they help to spot problems early before symptoms manifest and are easier to treat.


Maintenance care from a chiropractor could be beneficial as it can help you to retain optimal health after you have completed a treatment plan. Early diagnosis of problems will make further treatment easier, and regular adjustments can fix small misalignments before symptoms develop.

However, it is important that you don’t go overboard with your maintenance care. Consider how you feel, and if you are suffering discomfort, or improvements don’t appear to be happening then you may need to discontinue your treatment or even switch chiropractors.

Not everyone responds well to regular chiropractic care, and there can be some side effects but nevertheless, many people find maintenance care highly beneficial.