Mental Health Guard: Travelling by Car with Kids



Road trip is a popular type of travel during your vacation. No wonder, because this is the most flexible vacation format that will suit both a couple of friends and a large family with children. You are completely free to choose the route, the time spent on the road, and, of course, you decide what to take with you.

Since it is rather difficult to travel far abroad in your own car, car rental is the most suitable choice. If you are planning a sea trip to the hot Emirates, then supercar rental Dubai will provide you with the most suitable car. Thanks to exotic car rental, you will be able to see all the places you want in a new country, and car rental will allow you to enjoy the coolness thanks to air conditioners. Choose a reliable rental company with excellent reviews and honest prices, and your dream trip is guaranteed.

Benefits of travelling by rented car:

  • The most economical travel option for a large family
  • Independence from tickets and lack of restrictions
  • You can take a lot of things with you
  • The opportunity to visit the places you like on the way, take pictures and admire the picturesque nature
  • You can travel all over the coast and visit wild beaches, organise independent excursions

Trip is always unpredictable. For travelling with children, it is better to choose close destinations first. It is also necessary to mentally prepare for unplanned situations: the child may get sick, start to make a fuss, or just get tired. It is better to look for transit hotels in advance and anticipate what unforeseen expenses may be.


Discuss with your child what he wants to take. Think about which of the available toys will help keep the children occupied for a long time in the midday heat when you are forced to be in the room. It can be a constructor, a collection of robot cars or miracle cars, a doctor’s set, a favourite book with colourful drawings, modelling, stickers. Choose something that your child can play for hours.

For a more active holiday, you can take with you an inflatable ball, children’s minigolf, badminton, soap bubbles, a pool and water pumps.

Food: What To Feed The Child During The Trip

If there is no car refrigerator in a car for rent, then you can use a thermal bag and put dry ice in it. But still, try not to take perishable foods, it is better to stock up on more fruits and vegetables, nuts, crackers, sandwiches. Juice and milk are best taken in small individual bags with a straw or screw cap, and baby water should be taken in bottles with a dispenser so as not to spill on the go. Water generally needs to be taken with a margin. Be careful with snacks in roadside cafes and gas stations.

First Aid Kit

In addition to the standard first aid kit, which should be in every car rental, doctors advise stocking up on a minimum supply of medicines just in case. Take antipyretic drugs, enterosorbents may also come in handy. They help with vomiting and diarrhoea, help cleanse the body of viruses, bacteria and their toxins.

It is also worth taking care that you have probiotics, nasal rinses, and wound care products with you. Do not forget about antiallergic drugs.

For young children up to a year old, it is worth capturing bloating remedies, diaper rash cream and teething gum gel.

It will not be superfluous to add bandages, adhesive plasters, scissors, wet wipes and paper handkerchiefs to the travel kit.

It is worth considering in advance what to do if the child begins to rock. Children often get sick when travelling by car. This is due to several reasons: immaturity of the vestibular apparatus and pathways of the brain; emotional excitability and anxiety of the child before the trip; lack of fresh air or strong odours in the car.

Prepare Equipment That Your Child May Need

Be sure to take a light stroller on a trip by car if the baby does not walk yet or has only recently learned to walk. A folding stroller will not take up much space in the car, but it will be much more convenient for you to carry a child than to carry him in your arms both during stops and on vacation.

If the rest is planned in field conditions, take a children’s sleeping bag and a children’s tourist rug. Pay special attention to the choice of a sleeping bag for a child: the bag must be exactly for children, in an adult sleeping bag the child risks freezing due to too much volume.


The main thing when travelling with children is acceptance and psychological peace. Most likely, whims and tantrums will be present on the road. It is important to talk with the child, to explain everything to him, to negotiate with him. On a trip, your lifesaver is entertainment, new toys and games.

The safety of the child comes first. Travelling with several children of different ages is also possible, provided that you can provide everyone with comfort on the road.