Npi Nightmare Prevention Tips

Npi Nightmare Prevention Tips

Npi Nightmare Prevention Tips

Obtaining a National Provider Identifier can be a hassle for practices and individual providers (NPI). The National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) might create two NPIs for a practice asking for NPIs for all of its providers and a doctor using his or her personal NPI, leaving practice managers and providers unsure of which one to use.

A free directory of all current National Provider Identifier (NPI) records in the NPI registry is available through the NPI Lookup Service. Healthcare providers get their individual 10-digit NPIs so they may be recognized in their field in a consistent manner.

Tips to avoid NPI Nightmares

Even while you cannot cease experiencing nightmares, there are several ways to lessen their occurrence. Here are several tips to try to stop or lessen NPI nightmares.

  • Before applying, make sure that everyone is aware of the NPI. In order to be sure no other candidates have applied, providers should sit with the practice manager.
  • The last page of the online application contains the tracking number for the submission.
  • does not accept online applications. NPI holders are not permitted to select a user name on the paper application.
  • The NPI number will be included in an email sent to you. Keep it. Print this paper and keep a copy in your personnel file so that you always have a copy on hand.
  • To discover if an NPI number is offered in the vendor’s system, check with your practice management system. You might also wish to find out when the NPI number will be approved from your clearinghouse.
  • Your internet password is personal to you, so you can select it. If you have one, your practice manager shouldn’t choose passwords.

3 Step Procedure

If your NPI is taken, hundreds of fake prescriptions or millions in fraudulent claims may be linked to you. If this happens, a probe could decide if you have to pay back the government for the deception.

Furthermore, CMS can cease paying you while the inquiry is ongoing. This may negatively impact your practice, money, and reputation. By stopping the theft of your NPI before it occurs, you may stop widespread healthcare fraud.

Pay attention to your surroundings

Use your NPI sensibly and sparingly. Before sharing your NPI, be sure you know what it’s for and how to use it.


Verify that your NPI is being utilized properly. Check your claims and reimbursements, for instance, to make sure that the services that were billed match your income. It suggests that your refunds are being sent to a fictitious address. Verify that your credit report does not contain any odd activity listed under your name. Furthermore, your NPI has been made public in this manner. If you don’t have the time, enlist the help of a reliable friend or relative to monitor your account.

Examine and upgrade

Make sure that payers get the most recent and accurate enrollment information possible. As soon as your practice location or company changes, make sure all enrollment information is updated. CMS requires you to inform them of any changes to the information you provided to receive your NPI within 30 days.