Understanding Generic Medications – Quality, Efficacy, and Cost Savings



Save money and get the same health benefits with generic prescription medications

As prescription prices continue to rise, consumers are searching for ways to save money.

One effective money-saving method is switching from brand-name prescriptions to generic alternatives.

However, generic medications can occasionally get a negative response from consumers.

After all, if the medication isn’t a brand-name it can’t provide the same health benefits.

Nothing is further from the truth and we’ll take a closer look at generic medications.

What are Generic Medications

Generic medications are the same as their name-brand counterparts with one major difference.

There is a difference in how the medication looks or is packaged and the reason is simple.

Brand-name medications are trademarked. Meaning the medication’s look and packaging cannot be replicated.

However, this does not apply to dosage strength, safety, quality, health benefits/performance, and how the medication is administered.

In other words, you get the same prescribed medication only at a lower price.

Why is the price lower for generic medications?

A lot of the price difference is due to advertising, packaging, and medication form. Major drug manufacturers have large advertising budgets requiring financial support. A lot of money also goes into the medication’s appearance and packaging. Sometimes it affects on the otc drug licensing as well.

Generic medications do not spend the same on advertising and it also includes the packaging.

Buying generic medications is similar to purchasing a grocery store’s private label offerings instead of a large manufacturer.

You get the same taste, only the packaging is less vibrant and eye-catching.

Save Money By Ordering Your Generic Medications Online

Are you looking to save money on your prescription medications?

Switching to a generic version of your medication is a start, but did you know you may be able to save more by ordering your prescriptions online?

Online Canadian pharmacies typically have lower prices on most generic medications than you find in a local drugstore.

The ordering process is simple, but consumers outside of Canada will need to have their prescriptions written by a Canadian doctor.

For consumers outside of the country, it can seem like a hassle.

However, your primary care physician can help with the referral.

The final steps are submitting your prescription and filling out the online order form.

The form only asks basic questions necessary for delivery purposes.

Online Canadian Pharmacies Offer Additional Savings

Canadian online pharmacies like PricePro Pharmacy can help consumers save money on their prescriptions.

Along with filling new orders, they also offer convenient recurring refills with a valid physician-signed prescription. Your medication will be safely delivered to you so you can skip the trip to the local pharmacy.

PricePro Pharmacy also offers coupon codes for some medications. Enter the coupon code at checkout and save even more money on your prescriptions.

If necessary, you can also consult with a licensed pharmacist who will answer your questions and discuss your concerns. The online Canadian pharmacy is also open 7 days a week for your convenience.

Prescription drug prices are rising but PricePro is working to ensure everyone can afford their medications.

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