Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms and Supplementation

Vitamin D

Vitamin D

I always thought that my muscle weakness and bone pain was the dreaded hereditary arthritis my mom has. Around the age 37 I started feeling achy and brain fog was a challenge. My joints were feeling stiff and inflamed even with a healthy diet. I couldn’t understand how I was feeling so cruddy when I was doing so much to improve my health.

It wasn’t until I went and saw a naturopath that I discovered what some of my underlying issues were. Vitamin D being a huge deficiency in my body. Supplementing with vitamin D has improved my quality of life tremendously!

Deficiencies Of The D

Not many people know that vitamin D is a vital part of our body’s functionality. If you live in the south, you most likely don’t have a deficiency. Anyone with cold weather and months of snow in the north need healthy dose of vitamin D.

When I started working back in the office a couple years ago I noticed myself getting sluggish. I just hacked it up to being overwhelmed and exhausted balancing the new life of mom/career. I had seen my regular general practitioner numerous times about my symptoms.

My Symptoms

It all started with fatigue. I was drained all the time, and this was before I returned to work after having kids. I was always on the move, playing at the park and walking with them. Outdoors was our go to place to be, anywhere we could. In the winter we bundled up and enjoyed our Chicago winter weather.

Now that I was in an office all day I am not getting that sun exposure that I once was getting all throughout the day. Brain fog, insomnia, and depression creeped in. That was my first doctor visit, where my general practitioner just prescribed an SSRI to mask my depression and anxiety.

I started to get sick all the time, and not just during cold and flu season. I was constantly getting stuffy noses and bowel issues. Again, after another visit to my GP I was told that I just have so much on my plate and to up my SSRI dose. I despise taking medication, so this was really hitting a nerve.

With no improvement in my symptoms and more and more piling on I decided it was time to take my health into my own hands.

How To Get Tested for Vitamin D

After spending hours, a night learning about ways to improve my symptoms I decided it was time to see a new dr. I knew I wanted to be in control of my healthcare now, so I looked up a local naturopath in my hometown Norridge, Illinois.

When I booked my first appt I was asked a quick briefing of my situation to see if there was any pre-appointment tests that should be run before diving deeper. I had a list of things I wanted to be tested so this was a HUGE deal to me.

Having been struggling with depression, anxiety, constant illness, brittle hair, fatigue, and mood issues I was prepared for a good donation of blood. The naturopath sent a requisition full of testing –

  • CBC
  • TSH
  • T3
  • T4
  • Ferritin
  • Insulin
  • Glucose Fasting
  • Alt
  • B12

The Naturopath appointment following the bloodwork was only a week after the results came in. Super-fast!

Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment

I completely enjoyed my appt. The naturopath went through all my bloodwork results one by one with me explaining how it all ties together. I had elevated insulin, low B12 and very low vitamin D! In such cases, you can consider shop PatchMD vitamin patches online to improve your health.

She explained to me that without adequate sun exposure and less walking and movement my body isn’t getting to break down glucose properly and, in a nutshell, my body isn’t absorbing what little B12 and vitamin D I was getting as a result.

Even better news was that she said I didn’t need to be on an SSRI and that regular doctors don’t look for the reason you have the symptoms they just look to mask them. A Band-Aid that has numerous other side effects.

So, after that appointment I started my new supplement regime while weaning off my dreaded SSRI.

Feeling My Best

After 3 months of supplementing with 10,000 IU of vitamin D a day, supporting my insulin and getting B12 shots once a month I became feeling energized!

My body wasn’t aching anymore. I could get a full night sleep and things I hadn’t even realized was an issue were resolving. Things like clenching my jaw. With the depression and anxiety, I was symptomatic of I was always clenching and grinding my teeth at night. Leaving me drained in the morning with splitting headaches.

Always having sinus issues was another dramatic change, not only for me but also for my kids. The naturopath had me supplement them with 2000 IU a day in the morning. We made it through fall cold and flu season without a single sniffle.

All these regular supplements are the key. It is super important if you have any of the symptoms, I mentioned above to visit your doctor or naturopath and advocate for yourself and your family.

My Thoughts

There is so much information available these days that it makes it easy to narrow down ways to prevent or improve health conditions. Even on our social media platforms, we can reap all the benefits and more. I enjoy learning and nourishing my family with all the new and studies published by world scientists and doctors.

If you find yourself curious if vitamin D deficiency is your culprit to deterioration, give this podcast a listen. Then head to your doctor and start the process of healing. Vitamin D deficiency has so many side effects and diseases that follow if not diagnosed and treated.

I’m now 6 months into my journey for a healthier self and feel 10 years younger than I did when I started feeling not so hot. Don’t let your doctor tell you getting older is the reason you have the symptoms or just Band-Aid it with a prescription. Educate yourself, advocate for yourself.