What Not to Do in Your Online Running Sessions


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Indoor running is a wonderful way to get fit and have fun at the same time. The practice is fast gathering momentum and even professionals who are preparing for competitions like marathons, are using the mode for their regular training.

The training sessions are not revolutionary in their concept but it provides a realistic virtual arena for you to workout or train. You can run on your treadmill and still feel like running in the real world.

This is achieved by using virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. Or simply simulation of real world scenarios on the screens. At the end of the day, regardless of the technology used, you get better and realistic training sessions. However, there are many important things that you should not do in these online sessions.

Never Completely Immerse Yourself in VR

Virtual reality can make your experience an engaging and interesting one. However, never completely immerse yourself in VR. This causes you to lose sight of real world things. You might even fall down from the treadmill or cause accidents inside the training area.

Never Divulge Important Information

When you use an app like Vingo and meet with people in the virtual world, never divulge too much personal information anywhere. While the app is completely safe, you can never trust everyone everywhere.

Scamsters are everywhere on the internet and you should treat everyone as a potential scammer. Having said that, you need not stay away from people in the virtual world. Have a conversation and motivate others. This way indoor running is as interesting as it gets and also safe.

Never Spam / Contact People without Their Acceptance

When you enter the virtual world of Vingo, you have the opportunity to speak with unknown people. If someone is sharing the virtual world with you, you will have the ability to speak with them. However, if the person is not interested in striking a conversation with you, don’t forcefully start a conversation with them.

Also, don’t use the online running app primarily as a networking app. Use it to build your virtual network with your friends. For example, don’t give friend requests to unknown people. Much like social media, the world of Vingo is also strict about the privacy and security of people.

Don’t Be Hooked to the Virtual World

Finally and most importantly, use the app as an easy avenue to exercise but not as the only place to exercise. If you have an opportunity to workout in the real world, by all means, take it up. Breathing fresh air, running and cycling in the sunlight not only induces sweating but are also necessary for good metabolism. In fact sunlight is very important for the generation of Vitamin D.

So, use the app as a supplement for your exercise. If you don’t have the necessary free time, then exercise only on Vingo. If you are bored of running continuously, you can also use the Vingo as a biking app.

It is multipurpose in that way.