What to Do After a Car Accident?

Car Accident

Car Accident

You need to be careful when driving around Florida. Always pay attention to what is going on in front of you and around you. Things can happen, though, and you might wind up having a car accident. Before you consider calling a Vero Beach personal injury law firm, there are other things you should do after you’ve been in a car accident.

Call 911

You need to get emergency personnel on the scene. It might be a good idea to get the police on the scene as well. That’s because you can use the police report in court if they assess that the other person was at fault.

Stay On The Scene

This one may seem like a given, but things may be chaotic. See if you can get yourself to safety but stay there. You don’t want to possibly be seen as someone who did a hit-and-run, which can lead to very serious charges being filed against you.

Take Precautions

When an accident happens, other vehicles might wind up hitting the ones that were already involved. In order to avoid that happening, try to move everyone there, excluding the injured, to the side of the road. Emergency personnel will ultimately block off the area and keep other drivers away, but before then, you need to be as careful as possible.

Write Down As Many Details As Possible

This one depends on how bad the accident was. If you can, try to get your phone and jot down things like what the situation was, the weather conditions, and try to identify who was at fault. Memory can be a fuzzy thing. Also, given that your phone, especially the latest models, tends to have a high-end camera, use it to take pictures of things such as your car and where it’s positioned, so it could help prove who was at fault.

Exchange Information

Talk to the other drivers who were involved in the accident and swap information like their name, address, phone number, vehicle registration, insurance information, and their driver’s license number. Talk to other passengers and get their information. This way, you can get the clearest picture of what happened, and also give you a lot of things you need if you do happen to have to go to court.

Get Medical Attention As Fast As Possible

While you might have felt fine right after the accident, you should see a doctor within the next three days. You might have injuries, such as whiplash, that show up a little bit later. You should also make sure there is no internal bleeding. You can use the medical records in court if need be.

Ultimately, you need to talk to a personal injury lawyer. They will look over everything you have and guide you through the necessary steps when it comes to filing claims and possibly suits. There’s a time limit, though, so contact them as soon as possible. Then you will be able to see about getting any compensation for your accident and living a good quality of life afterward.

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