What’s a Dugout? And Why Dugout with one hitter pipe and poker is famous nowadays

The search for the perfect dugout is over! The Naturally Lit Dugout with one hitter pipe and poker has arrived, offering a convenient and practical way to enjoy your favorite herbs. This attractive and highly functional piece of smoking equipment was designed with the user in mind, giving them an easy method for storing their supplies as well as enjoying their smoke.

A dugout is a type of smoking device used for consuming marijuana. It consists of two compartments, one on top and one on the bottom. The top compartment holds ground-up marijuana while the bottom portion contains a single hitter pipe and poker. This type of dugout is naturally lit, eliminating the need for matches or lighters to light up your weed.

The first step to using this dugout is to grind up your weed into small pieces and place them into the top compartment. Once that’s done, all you need to do is take out the single hitter pipe from its spot in the lower chamber, use it as a scoop to grab some bud, pack it into your favorite bowl piece or bong and enjoy! Additionally, the included poker allows you to easily stir and mix up the contents inside each chamber so nothing gets stuck together or wasted during use.

The one hitter pipe allows users to have full control over how much they’re smoking each time, making it ideal for those who prefer to take smaller doses. Meanwhile, its built-in poker makes it easy to stir up any ash that may accumulate throughout your session. Its naturally lit design is great for those seeking a more ambiance while they smoke without having to worry about electricity or batteries.

Why Dugout with one hitter pipe and poker is famous nowadays

The Naturally Lit Dugout with one hitter pipe and poker is currently making waves in the smoking world. This innovative product combines the classic one-hitter pipe with a poker that allows for easy packing, stirring and emptying of your bowl without clogging up the hole. The poker can also be used to pack down tobacco or herbs in order to get a more optimal flavor when smoking. The naturally lit dugout ensures tight seals which help prevent any smoke from escaping while using it and its design offers a unique lighting experience.

In addition to providing an improved smoking experience, this dugout has also become very popular because of its stylish design. It features a wooden exterior, giving it a classic look that will fit perfectly into any smoker’s collection or home decor. Furthermore, its sleek shape makes it easy to store away in a pocket or bag while on the go.