Why You Should Keep Your Towels Clean & Healthy & How to Do It?



Isn’t it fascinating to see how you become an expert at regular hand washing and sanitizing after COVID-19? Surprisingly, most of you frequently miss to keep your towels clean and healthy. Towels, although being an underappreciated linen item, perform an essential part in keeping you clean by wiping your body, face, and hands.

Towels are also more absorbent than tissue paper or cotton handkerchiefs, making them helpful in high-intensity conditions. They also deliver a degree of physiological comfort that no other option can. To extend their lives and to ensure your personal hygiene, you must remember to clean and replace towels frequently. Keep reading to learn more!

How Does Your Towel Get Infected With Germs?

You apply bath or hand towels on clean skin, yet it accumulates dead skin cells, hair, filth, and dirt. Furthermore, the damp surface promotes the growth of germs and fungi. Thus, thick or moist towels are even worse bacteria breeding grounds.

Therefore, if the weather is moist, you must use a steamer to dry your towels. Especially the bath and gym towels should be washed and rinsed after each use and dried before being used.

What are the Interaction Points of Different Types of Towels With Germs?

Here are the places where your towels accumulate dirt and germs to protect your well-being:-

  • Gym & Locker Rooms

Gyms and other workout areas can get pretty crowded, even if you try to limit your interactions. You are close to others for extended periods in air-conditioned environments with limited ventilation.

Using a towel to wipe down equipment and other surfaces in such crowded places is recommended to minimize the spread of germs. It may seem like a small step, but it can go a long way in keeping yourself and others healthy!

  • Elevators

It’s difficult to avoid lifts these days, whether you are working from home or going to work. Taking the stairs isn’t always an option, especially when carrying stuff. And, given how congested cities are, you may share that lift journey with someone else at least half the time.

But here’s a tip: if the other person isn’t wearing a mask or can’t wear one for health reasons, you can protect yourself with a hand towel. A hand towel provides more protection than a handkerchief, and it’s a small gesture that might have a significant impact.

  • Salons

Visiting a salon is a necessity these days for many people. If you are one of those concerned about your safety, take your hand sanitizer to the salon. Also, ensure that all grooming products are thoroughly sanitized in front of you.

It would help to take bath towels to salons and spas rather than depending on the salon’s linen and towels. You might feel safer and more confident throughout your salon visit with your personal hygiene items, including the towel.

How to Ensure Towel Hygiene?

Your towels, like your masks, require frequent upkeep to give health and hygienic advantages. Follow these recommended practices:-

  • Wash Your Towels Regularly

Washing your towels on a regular basis is one of the finest practices you can do to keep your towel clean and healthy. Towels only used after baths can wait for 3-4 usages before washing. Hand and face towels should be cleaned daily and used no more than once daily. Bath and gym towels should also be washed after each use.

  • Don’t Mix Your Towels

It’s also a good idea not to mix your towels with other home or bath towels. Try to wash, rinse, and dry them away from your other laundry. This aids in the prevention of infection spread.

  • Replace Your Towels Regularly

Furthermore, unlike other personal care items, towels frequently go unrecognized and unreplaced for an extended time. To guarantee optimal efficacy, change them according to your usage frequency. A soiled towel is not the best protection for your hygiene.

  • Use Copper-infused Towels

Have you heard of antibacterial towels? These modern towels are game-changers when it comes to keeping your family safe and healthy. They’re infused with copper, which is known to have antimicrobial properties. Plus, these are also antibacterial towels and require very little maintenance.

So not only do they prevent the spread of germs, but they also save your time and effort on laundry day.

Hand, bath, and gym towels are necessary to remain clean and fresh. However, proper care must be taken to provide a safe and sanitary encounter. So, if you keep them clean, they are a great addition to your personal hygiene regimen! Modern towels, such as copper-infused towels, can provide superior protection against germs and bacteria.