Bottom of feet yellow – All You Need To Know

bottom of feet yellow

bottom of feet yellow

According to research, Carotenodermia, xanthoderma, carotenemia, and hypercarotenemia are all conditions that cause a person’s feet or hand skin to develop a yellowish. In some cases, skin may also be red or flush. Patients may also be suffering from diabetes, thyroid disorders, and liver disease”.

Many peoples are asking that why are the bottom of my feet yellow, having bottom of feet yellow can be due to pathological situations and to something transitory and benign.

The soles of the feet are a part of the body that we hardly pay attention to. However, they are an area that, like the hands’ soles, can reflect many processes or pathologies that occur inside the body.

Color changes on the soles of the feet occur frequently and have many causes. People are often alarmed when they notice a yellowish color in this part. However, there is no reason to lose your cool. In reality, this change does not have to indicate something serious.

It is common that instead of appreciating it on our own feet, we observe it on those of the baby or our child. The normal thing is that it is due to an excess of carotenes in the diet.

Carotenes are pigments that are present in many foods, such as carrots. In this article, we explain what happens and other causes that the feet’ soles may be yellow.

Follow some tips to get rid of bottom of feet yellow instant, It’s a liver problem?

Bottom of feet yellow what does it mean?

Bottom of feet yellow is the yellowish color on the bottom of feet. As we have already mentioned, the most common cause of the yellowish feet’ soles is hypercarotenemia. It is a benign disease in which the person has an excess of carotenoids in the body.

Carotenes are pigments found in many fruits and vegetables. They are usually the culprits that vegetables have that yellow or red color. For example, oranges, carrots or sweet potatoes are very rich in this substance.

Carrots contain beta carotene, and their color is natural, not generated by an additive.

Hypercarotinemia can be caused, in the first place, by ingesting too much carotene. However, the most common is that it is associated with other diseases that cause this substance to increase in the blood. For example, it usually occurs in people with hypothyroidism.

It is a pathology that does not carry any symptoms apart from the bottom of feet yellow we are talking about, which usually affects the feet and hands’ soles. It is something transitory, and that only affects aesthetically.

What causes are there of having bottom of feet yellow?

bottom of feet yellow

bottom of feet yellow

What causes the bottom of your feet to turn yellow?

In addition to hypercarotenemia, other situations can cause the feet’ soles to look at this color, and some of them are pathological. For example, jaundice.

Jaundice is a medical term used to refer to the bottom of feet yellow skin and mucous membranes when bilirubin is above normal blood values. Bilirubin is a yellow pigment found in bile, so it acts as an indicator of liver function.

When there is jaundice, not only the soles of the feet and hands turn yellow, but also the eyes. This pathology may be due to liver failure, such as cirrhosis or biliary colic, among other causes.

If what you are concerned about is that it is your baby, you must know the newborn’s jaundice. It is a relatively frequent situation at these ages. It is usually temporary, but the ideal is that you consult with a paediatrician.

Moreover, Anemia can also cause this situation, although the color is yellow intense but pale. It consists in that the haemoglobin concentration in the red blood cells is below normal. In these cases, there are usually other accompanying symptoms, such as tiredness and fatigue.

Other causes

Interestingly, certain poisons can cause the soles of the feet to turn yellow. One of them is a chemical compound called trinitrotoluene (TNT). It is used in the industrial field, so it is rare for a normal person to present it. That’s why yellow skin on bottom of feet appear on human skin for both men’s and women’s.

Like hypothyroidism, other diseases such as diabetes mellitus are also linked to this. Even people with hyperlipoproteinemia can see the soles of their feet like this.

If you see that the soles of your feet or hands are yellow, do not be alarmed. The most normal thing is that it is due to hypercalcemia that does not put your health at risk. However, it is important that you still go to the doctor to rule out any other cause.

If you notice that the soles or bottom of feet yellow at any time, you need to go to the doctor to examine yourself. The color of your feet can be a simple excess of carotene, but it can also have more serious causes. It could be Anemia, liver function problems, and even TNT poisoning. In all cases, it will be the doctor who can make a correct diagnosis and determine its causes so that you follow the appropriate treatment.

Causes of bottom of feet yellow

If you have already ruled out the possibility that it is a dye or pigments found in beach sand or some types of land, see a doctor. The doctor will examine you and determine the cause of your yellow feet, which can be:

  • Hypercarotenemia: it is the accumulation of beta-carotene in the tissues, which is frequently associated with eating many vegetables or fruits that contain it. It is an inherited metabolic disorder characterized by excess carotene and low vitamin A levels in the body.
  • Anemia: This is a common cause of yellowing of the feet. It appears when red blood cells are deficient, those responsible for supplying oxygen to the entire body.
  • Jaundice: it is caused by an excess of bilirubin, a yellow substance that contains hemoglobin responsible for transporting oxygen to red blood cells.
  • Hyperlipoproteinemia: Occurs when the body cannot break down fats and cholesterol, causing coloration in some parts of the body.

Other causes of yellow soles of feet can be diabetes mellitus, liver disease, blocked bile ducts, or infections. It can also be caused by genetic diseases, the consumption of certain medications or contact with industrial chemicals, such as TNT (trinitrotoluene).

Should I Be Worried?

The bottom of feet yellow is not always caused by external factors like dirt or nail polish. It can actually be a result of one’s health, diet, or habits. Some people may not realize that yellow nails are in fact a symptom of some sort of liver disease or kidney failure.

Yellow feet can act as an indicator for deeper health problems, even though it is not always the case. Often times, yellow feet are indicative of dehydration and bleeding in the kidneys.

Treatment for bottom of feet yellow

Only when you access a medical diagnosis can you start a treatment for your feet’ coloration according to its causes. But there are some medical tips to prevent the problem from getting worse while waiting for your appointment.

Extreme hygiene of the feet to avoid bacteria’s proliferation, which may be causing fungi or infections. You need to wash your feet very well and change your socks several times a day.

Diet is another aspect that you must take care of. Increase the consumption of foods rich in vitamin B12 and iron to prevent Anemia. Fiber intake will regulate your intestinal transit and thereby eliminate possible excess beta-carotene.

Do I Need To See A Doctor About My Yellow Feet?

If you’re noticing that your feet is turning yellow, it might be time to visit a podiatrist. If you’ve tried home remedies and they don’t seem to work, you should call up your doctor and see what he or she recommends.

If your feet are turning yellow, it’s not a good sign. Bottom of feet yellow or soles of your feet can be a symptom of many different things, but it’s always best to see your podiatrist to find out for sure what the cause is.

If you have an underlying foot deformity, your doctor could ask you to wear shoe inserts to prevent calluses and corns from recurring. This is because the condition of your feet could worsen over time. Doctors often recommend wearing inserts if you are diagnosed with a bunion, hammertoe, or other foot deformity.


Is it normal for the bottom of your feet to be yellow?

Yes, this is normal and common as well as nothing to worry about. But consult with a doctor is a best idea.