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A Complete Guide on How to Become a Yoga Teacher



Are you considering becoming a yoga teacher? If yes, then you are in the right place! It’s a great way to share your love of yoga with others while deepening your practice. Moreover, it can be a rewarding career path with plenty of growth opportunities.

But the question is how to become a yoga teacher. To become a yoga teacher, you’ll need to develop the required skills and knowledge. In this post, you’ll learn some tips and benefits of becoming a yoga teacher or how to do yoga safely and effectively.

So, if you are passionate about learning about this popular form of exercise, Read on!

5 Tips to become a Yoga Teacher

Yoga is an age-old practice that has been adopted by people from all around the world today. Due to the gaining popularity of yoga, there has also been a demand for yoga professionals.

These tips cover all the steps that are necessary to become a yoga teacher.

Join training centre

It’s necessary to have a comprehensive knowledge of yoga practice on a personal level before you begin instructing others. So, if you want to become a professional yoga teacher, you must think about enlisting in an institution that has been accredited by the YCB (Yoga Certification Board). Yoga specialists can gain certification from this government agency.

Get trained

The second step after choosing the yoga training centre is to get trained; you can either select yoga education and training or obtain a certification as a yoga therapist as an alternative. Within the yoga category, you can choose different courses such as yoga volunteer, yoga protocol instructor, yoga wellness instructor, yoga teacher and evaluator and lastly, yoga evaluator.

Get certificate

The certifications mentioned above require candidates to sit a separate examination. You can prepare for an exam based on a suitable syllabus set by the institute. The exam for the yoga volunteers is entirely theoretical, while the other four certifications involve exams with both practical and theory portions. Theory exams have multiple-choice and objective-type questions. However, practical exams normally take around an hour, where you show your yoga and teaching skills, application of knowledge and field experience.

Decide what type of yoga teacher you want

There are various types of yoga teachers. Some yoga teachers give their classes to specific groups, while others arrange classes in particular locations. As an illustration, a yoga teacher may decide to target an expert market, like giving yoga instruction to professional athletes, or they can provide classes through a yoga studio or online.

Start working

After completing all the steps, the last step is to start working as a professional yoga teacher. You are ready to start teaching yoga classes on your own. You can begin providing yoga events and classes from home or community to your friends, family and other connections. While hosting these yoga sessions, you must introduce yourself as a professional and charge a fee for your courses. You can also start teaching classes in yoga studios, fitness centres, gyms, and even at a business-like restaurant. These were the steps on the question of how to become a yoga teacher. If you want to become a professional yoga teacher, you can follow these steps.


In conclusion, if you want to become a yoga teacher, then you can follow the above-mentioned guide. This guide will help you choose the best type of yoga course, depending on your interest and knowledge. You can also select an institute to understand yoga practice thoroughly. Moreover, yoga teaching has many benefits like a healthy lifestyle, feeling liberated and travelling the world.