Baking: low-carb cookies baking trend

Christmas baking low-carb cookies baking

Christmas baking low-carb cookies baking

It is clearly a mistake that cookies with fewer carbohydrates do not taste good. There is now a low-carb alternative for almost every known type of cookie. We are introducing you to a classic bakery in the low-carb version.

Low carb – how does it work?

In order for you to breathe, think, and walk so that your heart can beat and your bowels digest, your body needs energy. Just as a car needs fuel, a person needs energy in the form of food. Almost every food contains at least one of the three carriers of these energy calories: protein, fat, or carbohydrates (starch and sugar).

If you want to eat according to the low-carb principle, reduce the number of carbohydrates in your menu because low-carb is the short form for the English term “low carbohydrates”, which means “few carbohydrates”. Therefore, low-carb recipes usually contain neither wheat flour nor refined sugar.

Those who follow a low-carbohydrate diet see the following advantages:

  • You consume more vegetables, nuts and protein-containing foods and thus increase your vitamin, mineral and fiber intake.
  • They keep your blood sugar at a low level and thus prevent food cravings.
  • They reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • As a rule, you take in fewer kilocalories per day and can thus reduce body weight without having to fear the yo-yo effect.

However, the carbohydrate content of the diet should not be too low in the long term: American researchers found in a cohort study in 2018 that both too many and too few carbohydrates have a negative impact on health over a longer period of time and can increase the risk of mortality.

Low carb and baking – which ingredients do you need?

At first glance, low carb is ruled out for many people because they suspect they will have to do without bread and baked goods such as cookies and biscuits. However, you only need a few new ingredients and in no time at all the familiar changes into the low-carb version. Alternatives from nature are suitable for sweetening.

For example, erythritol, which occurs naturally in cheese or ripe fruits. Erythritol is a low-calorie sugar substitute that has little effect on blood sugar levels.

These ingredients are often used in low-carb baking:

Locust bean gum

Psyllium husks

Psyllium husks can also bind a lot of water. That makes them the perfect glue and starch substitute: Because even a low-carb dough needs ingredients that give it hold and create a bond. After all, the binding proteins and starch, such as those found in wheat or spelled, are missing. By the way, psyllium husks are real fiber miracles.

Ground flax seeds

And do low-carb cookies taste good?

The low-carb variants are in no way inferior to the well-known classics in terms of taste. The following applies the more natural, the better. Many recipes work with sugar substitutes that are extremely sweet and harmless to health. However, if consumed in excess, they can have a laxative effect. Less is more, even with low-carb biscuits. Almond flour also gives baked goods a taste that is slightly marzipan. This is how the baked goods taste particularly fine.