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8 Tips For Male Waxing

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Hair removal is an aesthetic technique to remove hair. Although it was considered only for women, currently, men represent between 15% and 30% of specialized centers. Therefore, male waxing is a new trend.

The reasons for using this technique are usually practicality, aesthetics or even hygiene. Waxing prevents sweat, heat or itchiness caused by excess hair. It is an advantage for men who play sports such as swimming, soccer, and cycling.

According to a study by the University of Extremadura , we live in the society of the image. A plucked male eyebrow is not the same as eyebrows that are almost united by the abundance of hair. Therefore, to continue learning information about male hair removal, we invite you to continue reading this article.

Male hair removal methods

There are various methods for male hair removal, such as laser, razor, and electric machine. However, how many methods are there? Which is more effective? Are they painful? What is the difference between them?

Here are the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of hair removal methods for men to answer these questions.

Shaved off

Shaving is the most used depilatory method by men. It consists of using a razor, together with cream, to cut and remove the hairs.

It is the fastest, most comfortable, painless and very economical. However, it is not very efficient. Some of its disadvantages are the following:

  • The hairs grow fast (2 or 3 days after shaving), stronger and thicker.
  • The constant use of the razor irritates the skin by darkening it.
  • It can only be used to remove hair from the neck, chin, armpits and legs.

Shaving is not the same as shaving. Although the first option is common among men, the second is more effective today.

Hair removal with an electric machine

There are two types of electric hair removal machines on the market. The first is the same as a razor, with the difference that it is electric. Its application is painless, but its effect lasts only a few days.

The second electric depilatory machine has a system of tweezers to pull the hairs from the roots.

Depilatory cream

It is a cream that contains chemical components that attack the hairs until they dissolve. It is usually used for a few minutes, and then it is removed.

This method is painless, fast, but hairs grow fast (1 to 3 days after application). Depending on the skin, it can cause allergic reactions.

Laser depilation

Laser hair removal is a treatment performed by experts in aesthetic medicine. It consists of removing the body or facial hair permanently using strong and direct light emission.

It can be done anywhere on the body, although it is recommended to avoid the periocular and tattooed regions.

Similarly, laser hair removal is not painful. You only feel a sensation of warmth that is attenuated by the cold air system that doctors use.

On the other hand, it takes several sessions to remove the hairs completely. The number will depend on the area to be waxed, the thickness of the hairs and the type of laser used. The regular is 8 sessions.

Although laser hair removal is wonderful, it is worth mentioning that the treatment cost is high. Also, there are side effects. Some of them are superficial burns and erythema.


The wax mixture adheres to the skin and pulls hairs out by the roots, weakening and slowing growth for up to 3 to 4 weeks. Although it is one of the most painful methods, this cosmetic treatment is inexpensive and effective.

There are three types of waxes:

  • Hot: it melts at high temperatures and is applied liquid between 38 and 40 degrees Celsius. The wax’s heat opens the pores, making it easy to pull out hairs at the roots. However, it can accentuate circulatory problems.
  • Warm: it has a semi-solid appearance and requires minimum heating between 37-38 degrees Celsius. You can use the microwave. It does not cause body redness and is ideal for men with circulatory problems.
  • Cold: they are presented between two bands that come off with the heat caused by the hands’ friction. Because it is not hot or lukewarm, the pores do not open and most hairs are not pulled from the root but rather break off.

Waxes come in different forms, and they can be hot, warm, or cold.

Tips to avoid hair removal irritation

Male post-depilatory care is of the utmost importance to avoid irritation. Therefore, whether using the wax method, the electric machine, or the shaver, the following suggestions need to be considered:

  • In case of shaving, clean with lukewarm water. Instead of using moisturizing creams and oils, apply an alcohol-free lotion.
  • If you use the electric machine or wax, apply cold water or ice to the depilated area to close the pores and reduce swelling. To avoid dryness and irritation, use moisturizers that contain aloe vera, vitamin E, or almond oil.
  •  If the method is laser hair removal, the skin must be hydrated. Rubbing with tight clothing is avoided, and sun exposure is restricted.
  • Cucumber lotions are an excellent product for reducing post-depilatory inflammation.
  • Do not bathe in salty or chlorine-containing waters. Sensitivity of the skin can lead to infection.
  • In the case of body waxing, it is necessary to wear fresh cotton clothing that allows perspiration.
  • Do not apply products with alcohol on the skin, such as deodorants or perfumes, for at least one day after waxing.

Male waxing: a new trend

More and more men are concerned about excess hair in body areas, adopting the new male hair removal trend.

Although all depilatory methods consist of hair removal, it should be noted that it is necessary to select one, especially if it is wax. If it is alternated with shaving, the hairs grow thicker, and the wax damages the skin.