5 Ways Women Can Feel Younger & Happier After 50s

5 Ways Women Can Feel Younger & Happier After 50s

5 Ways Women Can Feel Younger & Happier After 50s

The one guarantee in life that awaits us all is AGING. It is undoubtedly a natural process that we must go through, but often it can claim the confidence of many women who want to look and feel as young as they did once.

For most of us, growing older means becoming wiser, more adaptable at handling life, and seeing our children progress.

The effects of aging become more noticeable to you before those around you. But with all this, you also start noticing your lowered metabolism and energy levels. Aches and pains become a way of life, and you begin avoiding routine activities due to the fear of consequences.

For a woman, the 50s can be confusing, challenging, and depressing as they enter menopause. Around this time, your body goes through a hormone drop that kept you going through your youth. It has many symptoms, including dry skin, hot flashes, and mood swings.

Your libido goes down, and intercourse may be painful due to the drying of the vagina. All these symptoms can collectively lower your confidence, making you feel aged and anxious. However, with medicine advancing as we speak, there are plenty of treatments, from antidepressants to hormone replacement therapies, that can alleviate these symptoms.

Did you know 44 percent of postmenopausal women have used HRT? Moreover, HRT is quite affordable if you’re living in Atlanta. Why? Because some of the most popular and renowned HRT centers are present in Atlanta.

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They use plant-based hormones, a natural and safer alternative to synthetic hormones. These hormones will counteract the effects of menopause and make you feel as young as you once were and can be taken in the form of patches, pills, or pellets.

When it comes to signs of old age, your body, face, and mind are where it starts showing. Hence working on these will help you feel as young as ever despite being in your 50s or 60s.

With that said, below are a few anti-aging secrets to help you think about your youth again.


Food is fuel for our bodies, but it is also medicine. Sometimes it is not only meant to be devoured but to be taken religiously to prevent many illnesses. With advancing age, our skin becomes wrinkled, thin, and prone to easy bruising and injury. More greens in your diet will provide your body with vitamin K, which will help your blood coagulate and prevent bruising.

The most important cause of aging is free radicals produced in our body that are not neutralized and damage the cells. Antioxidants help eradicate these free radicals increasing the longevity of the cells. Dark green leafy vegetables, cranberries, and blueberries are loaded with antioxidants and should be incorporated into the diet.

Cut down on sugar and salt as they cause bloating and puffiness, raising your blood pressure. Fibre is the guard of your digestive tract as it helps you maintain weight, reduce inflammation and cholesterol and boost the gut bacteria.

Calcium must be your best friend as you grow old. Stronger bones will keep you active and moving for as long as you live! The risk of osteoporosis increases with age and puts you at risk of multiple bone fractures.


Exercise is the one weapon that holds the most power over any other against the effects of aging. Our bodies must be challenged regularly. If we don’t want our bones to become brittle, we must apply progressive loads to help our muscles and tendons grow stronger.

All types of exercise are beneficial but incorporating some strength training will make a difference in your appearance. It boosts your metabolism, improves balance, and increases strength.

Lifting weights helps tone your muscles and give your body a more taut and youthful appearance.

When your body is sturdier and muscles mobile, you can move easier with much more fluidity. You will no longer feel weak or lazy. Strangely enough, little things like feeling strong when opening the door or keeping your balance while getting up from bed can make a tremendous psychological difference in your day.


If someone has to tell your age, they will look at your skin. It is where aging starts showing signs the earliest. You don’t need toners or chemical-based creams to eliminate those wrinkles. Today, more targeted anti wrinkle treatments are available for this purpose. Having a proper skincare routine, including sunscreen, cleansing, and moisturizing, can make your skin look as young and healthy as ever. SPF protects your skin from the UV radiations that cause the breakdown of collagen and sagging of the skin.

According to a study, people can guess women’s age accurately by looking at their hands. Use a good hand cream containing SPF and exfoliates your skin to eliminate dullness. Sea salt with lemon juice can act as the perfect and safe exfoliant. It will also help you get rid of age spots.


Dress according to your size. Hiding in baggy clothes isn’t flattering. Tailored, clean lines look sharper and make your body look younger by giving you an emotional boost. A classic V-neck collar will create a linear sequence that will make you look taller and detracts from the appearance of an older neck while spotlighting your face.

Wearing the right bra can help shape your figure into a youthful outline. Get fitted at a lingerie store to ensure you wear the correct size and style for your bust shape with the right coverage and support.


Letting go of toxic relationships and nurturing the ones that are healthy for your body and mind is the ultimate goal. According to research, love releases the happy hormone oxytocin, which can lower your blood pressure and better blood flow, leading to a more radiant appearance and optimal body functioning.

Stress ages your cells faster, but this can be reversed with lifestyle modifications and stress management. Reduced stress and conflict turn off the stress hormones in your body, such as adrenaline and cortisol, and activate endorphins, making you feel more youthful.


Looking for the good in life might keep you young. So, lighten up! It will help you live longer and happier. A little positivity can go a long way regarding feeling young. Don’t fear to pour over old memories and nostalgia.

Listening to music that reminds you of your youth or going through your photo album will have positive effects, including feelings of optimism and improved self-esteem, and you will feel younger than your biological age. Remember, aging is beautiful. It should not be feared but taken as a privilege and accumulation of experience and wisdom.