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How does exercise reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease? 



As you know when it comes to health and exercise, there are many benefits which you can get from regular workouts. If you stay consistent in your workout, it will help you to stay active throughout your entire day, and your risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes mellitus also gets lowered. But as I have seen most people find several excuses for not practicing any workout because they feel like it’s too boring, exercise consumes too much time, and also it causes pain. But if you stay motivated you can make your workout program more enjoyable and fun by doing it with your friends, after achieving the goal reward yourself, focus on one exercise at one particular time, listening to motivational music can also be helpful in making your training sessions more entertaining.

If you are trying to hit the gym, you must prepare yourself first with suitable gym workout clothes that should be sweat-wicking and lightweight. Elite sports gym workout clothes provide you the proper fit and are available at an economical price too.

If you are obese, you can also shred extra kilos by exercising and by getting a controlled diet. So, in today’s blog, I will discuss several methods of exercise which help you to have reduced risks of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Don’t sit too much.

According to recent research, it has been proved that if you are sitting too much there are more chances of having cancer. So, you need to get up and walk for at least 1 hours because if you don’t have any physical activity in your routine, you are giving birth to cancerous cells in your body. The American Institute of cancer revealed that you must perform intense exercise and mild exercise daily if you want to prevent yourself from cancer. Also, if women keep sitting for the whole day there are many chances of breast cancer in them.

Also, if there is no physical activity in your life then there are chances for you to get obese, and if you will increase your weight, ultimately your blood pressure will also get raised, there will be the accumulation of fats around your waist, there will also be a rise in the blood sugar level too, all of these are serious health disorders which may lead to cancer and other cardiovascular disorders.

If you are performing some aerobic workout at least three times a week for at least thirty minutes along with some resistance training workout, two times in a week will surely help you to keep yourself safe from cancer, and from various types of other illnesses too.

Perform some resistance training workout

Resistance training workout also known as strength training is one of the effective workouts for the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseases (including heart attack and strokes as well). If you are much stronger it’s quite obvious that there would be fewer chances of getting injured during your strength training workout, so that means you also have to focus on your diet as well.

So, there are various types of resistance training workouts including weight lifting, use of resistance band, push-ups, pull-ups, squats, crunches, or you can also use various weight machines in the gym.

Resistance training will also help you to build up stronger and leaner muscles, also resistance training will definitely help you to maintain your weight. So, it has been proved that physical exertion will help you to prevent yourself from colon cancer, breast, lungs, and uterine cancer too.

As I have explained earlier, if you have planned to start some workout you must get suitable and appropriate gym outfits also that must be durable and sweat-absorbing too. Elite sports gym workout clothes are comfortable and lightweight too.

Brisk walk

Walking is actually the type of aerobic workout, and the simplest way to start an exercise if you are a beginner. Exercise increases your heart rate, your heart muscles get strengthened up and improves the blood flow so when there is improved blood circulation ultimately there will be a sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients transferred to your vital body organs.

It has been proven that brisk walking improves the health of your heart, the health of your lungs, reduces stress, boosts your energy level, and you can also improve your sleep through regular workouts.


Swimming is also an aerobic workout, and it has been proven that if women swim for 30 minutes, on a daily basis there is a reduced risk of coronary diseases in them. Along with that swimming also helps to enlarge your heart by strengthening it, making it more efficient in pumping blood. So we can say that swimming is an excellent cardiovascular workout that helps to make your heart muscles stronger.