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What Kind Of Cases Does A Dental Malpractice Lawyer Take On?

Kind Of Cases Does A Dental Malpractice Lawyer Take On

Kind Of Cases Does A Dental Malpractice Lawyer Take On

Dentists have a duty of care to offer professional standard services to patients. However, like any other medical procedure, dental work has risks, some of which occur due to error or malpractice. Dental malpractice is injury or death resulting from a dental professional’s negligence. 

If you get hurt by a dental practitioner, you can pursue a dental malpractice lawsuit for compensation. With different states having varying definitions and interpretations of dental malpractice, seeking the help of an attorney is advisable. A dental malpractice lawyer will represent you before the insurance and jury. 

Read on for the kind of cases dental malpractice lawyers can take on. 

Wrongful Or Failed Diagnosis 

You can file a dental malpractice lawsuit if a dental practitioner delays or wrongly diagnoses you, necessitating unnecessary treatment, injury, or medical expenses. 

Your dentist, by law, should evaluate your oral health for conditions that could affect you, and a breach of this duty will equally attract a lawsuit to compensate for resulting damages.   

Unnecessary Or Irrelevant Procedures 

While a dentist can correctly diagnose your condition, they can administer the wrong treatment. For instance, a dentist can wrongly extract your tooth without a just cause, or perform an orthodontic procedure to manage periodontal disease, risking your overall health. In such cases, you can pursue a claim against their negligence. 

Anesthesia Abuse And Errors 

Most dental procedures require anesthesia to manage the discomfort. Even if appropriately used, anesthesia has short and long-term risks, requiring care. If you suffer injury or lose a loved one after anesthesia abuse, contact a dental malpractice lawyer for your case. 

Delays In Treatment 

Failure to administer timely treatment can cause your dental issue to escalate to a fatal condition. For instance, a delay in the treatment of periodontal disease could cause its spread to your body, causing health havoc that could be irreversible or expensive to treat. You can pursue a claim against your dental practitioner for delays in treatment leading to high medical bills or health deterioration. 

Muscle And Nerve Injuries 

The jaw hosts nerves and muscles that enable you to open or close your mouth, swallow, or speak. Dental procedures expose your nerves and muscles under the knife, and a wrong move can cause severe nerve or muscle damage. If a negligent action by your practitioner interferes with your ability to perform the above functions, you will need more money to repair or recondition, yet the damage could be permanent in some cases. Hiring a dental malpractice lawyer will help you seek compensation for the heavy medical bills, pain, and suffering. 

What A Dental Malpractice Lawyer Will Do 

A lawsuit involving medical diagnoses requires highly technical evidence. A dental malpractice lawyer has the competence and skill to handle your case and will do the following to ensure fair compensation. 

  • Review available facts and evidence 
  • Work with expert witnesses to verify your dentist’s malpractice 
  • Calculate and negotiate your compensation 
  • Represent you before the insurance or go to the jury if necessary 

Hire A Dental Malpractice Attorney 

While you may have visible injury following your dentist’s malpractice, you need an attorney to represent you, as most insurers are unwilling to take full responsibility for their client’s negligence. Therefore, contact a dental malpractice attorney if you feel your dental practitioner was negligent.