7 Surprising Reasons To Quit Smoking Once And For All



If you’re a smoker, you probably get asked the same question over and over from your loved ones – have you thought about quitting? They aren’t just saying this to be a nuisance. You’ll know only too well that there are no health benefits attached to the habit. You will also know you’d be healthier the moment you pack in smoking for good. Not only will quitting lower your risk of heart disease and other serious issues, you’ll feel much better in yourself too.

We appreciate smoking is an addiction that can’t exactly be beaten overnight. However, when you learn more about the benefits of quitting once and for all, this could spur you on to begin your stop smoking journey. Here are just some surprising reasons to stop smoking today.

Save Money

If there’s one reason to give up smoking today, it’s to save a ton of money! Regardless of how long you’ve been smoking for, you’ll know only too well how costly they have become. In fact, recent changes have seen 95p added to the price of a packet of 20 cigarettes. To put it simply – smoking is just unaffordable for most people. With the cost of living crisis added on top, finding the money for a pack of cigarettes can be a challenge.

Once you give up smoking, you’re sure to save a crazy amount of cash. The money you do save can be put toward other things. For example, why not set up a savings account and pop the cash you otherwise would’ve spent on cigs into it? Before long, you could have enough to go on a family holiday or buy a whole new wardrobe!

Smoother Skin

Your skin won’t thank you for smoking. You could drink all the water in the world and have the best skincare routine around, but if you’re filling your lungs with tar, it’s sure to show on your skin. Deep wrinkling and a leathery texture are more common in those who smoke. What’s more, cigarettes cause biochemical changes in the body, which speeds up the ageing process.

Another sign to look out for in smokers is staining of the hands and skin from holding cigarettes. Let’s be honest, no one wants to look older than they actually are. For that reason, giving up smoking can improve your skin, take the years off you and put a spring in your step.

Better Social Life

For those who feel embarrassed about smoking, you could be holding yourself back socially. If you’re going on a first date, you will probably know already how much of a turnoff smoking is for many people. This can hinder your chances of finding love!

The good news is once you stop smoking, you’re sure to have a much better social life. If you’re struggling to quit, you may find vaping can be a big help. Because vaping doesn’t leave a lingering smell, you’ll find others may not even notice you’re doing it! You could purchase an elf bar from Grey Haze that can fit perfectly in your pocket. Elf bars are disposable too, meaning they’re a convenient option.

Smell Better

Heavy smokers may not be aware of just how bad they smell! There’s nothing worse than stale smoke lingering on clothes. Once you quit the habit for good, you will no longer have that ashtray smell. You’ll even notice your sense of smell gets better too. The reason you may not be able to notice the effects of smoking is that it can dull your senses, particularly your taste and smell.

If you always have loved ones complaining about how you smell, giving up cigarettes is the answer. Once you throw away your last packet and put your clothes in the wash, you’ll be amazed at how different you smell!

Improved Sleep

We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep. For those who are always waking up feeling groggy and frustrated, smoking could actually be the root cause. This is because when you’re dealing with nicotine withdrawal, you could end up tossing and turning in bed, making it impossible to nod off.

As you start your stop smoking journey, prepare to experience better quality sleep. Once you hit the hay and get a good night’s rest, you can wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, fulfilled, and ready to make the most of the day ahead.

More Energy

Once you quit smoking, you’ll find your oxygen levels return to normal. What’s more, your circulation begins to improve. Your lung functionality and capacity start returning to normal in a matter of days. This means your breathing will become easier, and you can start ramping up your fitness levels.

If you’re a heavy smoker, even getting up and down the stairs can be exhausting. This is because your lungs are having to work into overdrive! Once you pack the habit in for good and have more energy, you can start working out more which helps in maintaining a healthy weight.

Fewer Infections

Smokers are more susceptible to seasonal flu and colds. However long you’ve been smoking for, your immune system definitely takes a beating. Smoking leads to profound changes within the immune system that can leave you feeling rundown and poorly.

Once you quit smoking for good, the increase in oxygen in your body can make it far easier to fight off colds and flu. If you’re prone to headaches, you may even find they disappear once you put down cigarettes. As you boost your immune system, you’re sure to feel good in yourself mentally too.

There’s no denying it – quitting smoking will change your life for the greater good. In fact, once you finish your last cigarette, the health benefits will start kicking in immediately. While some people can go cold turkey to stop smoking, others need guidance and a helping hand. However you go about quitting for good, we’re sure you’ll enjoy all the benefits above and then some!