Four Positive Changes That You Can Make This Summer



Big positive changes always feel so much easier in the summer, don’t they? The days are longer and brighter. You don’t have to worry about the weather when you’re trying to motivate yourself to get outside. There’s much more fresh fruit and veg on the shelves to help you steer clear of all those fatty foods. In short, summer is the best time to stop putting off those changes that you know will make you feel better.

But it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. Things have been so difficult over the winter months and spring hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park. You’ll probably have lots of different positive steps that you’ve been thinking about taking. All you need is a little nudge.

Cut Back On Eating Meat

Meat eating is an area that has been subject to a lot of discussion over the last couple of years. A lot of people have been massively cutting down on their meat consumption if not cutting it out completely because of its impact on the planet. It’s hard to ignore the increase in temperatures, and the extreme weather events around the world. But it’s also important to remember that eating red and processed meat comes with a lot of consequences for your health. Cutting down is a great idea if you want to potentially reduce your risk of illnesses like heart disease and cancer. And while we’re talking about dietary changes, it’s a good idea to think about how much salt and sugar you’re eating too. A lot of people rely on a sugary snack to give them a boost, but the crashes can be severe. Try and find healthier alternatives that give you the same pleasure without the same guilt.

Commit To An Eyesight Solution

It’s so easy to end up with eyewear that you tolerate, isn’t it? With so many designs out there, you can find the right ones. Still, it can be so frustrating to feel like you’re stuck with the same pair of glasses that you’ve never really liked in the first place, and remembering to put your glasses on can be a chore in itself. It can also be incredibly annoying to have to put contact lenses in every time you want to exercise, or every time you get up if you have committed to contacts over glasses. But there are options out there for anyone who wants to enjoy better eyesight. ICL Surgery (or implantable contact lens surgery) is one solution that could potentially reduce your reliance on glasses and help you to feel more confident generally. Find out more about ICL surgery and whether it could work for you at OCL Vision. They have a range of different procedures that could possibly help you, and it is worth having the conversation at least, to find out if it could potentially benefit you.

Find A Fitness Routine You Enjoy

Most people would probably say that they would like to exercise more. It’s so difficult to find time in the day to get your heart rate up. But one of the main reasons why a lot of people put off exercising more is because they haven’t found a form that they enjoy. That’s why you might find yourself pushing through a jog once or twice and deciding that it isn’t really worth the effort. That’s why so many people let their gym memberships keep on going even though they haven’t stepped foot inside in months. First, think about how much time you can allot to your new fitness routine every day. It doesn’t matter if it’s only twenty minutes or so, every little helps. Next, think about what you enjoy doing. You are so much more likely to keep going with this if you actually have fun. Whether it’s paddleboarding, swimming or cycling, make sure that it makes you happy!

Stop Being Scared Of Your Bank Balance

This one might be a little less fun, but it is every bit as important. It’s no secret that the cost of living is pretty scary at the moment. You’ll have seen prices going up everywhere from your energy bills to the supermarket shelves. A lot of people find talking about money, or even thinking about money, brings them out in a cold sweat. But good financial habits can help you to be more confident and make better choices. Start by sitting down with your partner and looking at your last month’s spending. Make sure that you understand every transaction from your mortgage or rent to that ice cream you bought last weekend. Make a list of every recurring expense so you know how much you have to play with every month. There are finance apps that can help you to keep track of your spending and you can always talk to a financial advisor if you’re still finding things tricky.