How To Create A Personalized Grooming Routine For Men

Personalized Grooming Routine For Men

Personalized Grooming Routine For Men

Most men probably don’t think they need any grooming routine to keep up with their appearance. Hair, mustaches, and beards don’t need that much care, right? Wrong!

Setting up a regime to take care of your hair is not only important, it’s essential to get the look and style you desire. It also helps keep your hair and skin underneath soft and clean.

Your routine is much more than just taking a shower and cleaning your hair. Depending on your hair or skin type, a few more steps are involved to succeed in the right look.

While most grooming routines follow a similar set of basic steps, you should take note as to which ones are going to help you the most. Depending on your own style, there may be things you want to add or change when making your routine personalized.

Here’s an example of a routine you can create and easily customize depending on your needs.

Begin With a Shower

The first step in your grooming routine should involve a shower. Cleaning yourself and your hair ensures that you scrub away all of the dead skin and dirt that builds up.

Look for a body wash designed for men’s skin; plenty of options are on the market today. If you have more oily or sensitive skin, look for products that are geared to address those issues. With your beard shampoo, you may want to look for something that promotes moisturizing if you tend to have dry or coarse strands.

Don’t forget the conditioner! It’s an important last step while you’re in the shower. It ensures that your hair locks in moisture and keeps it so that when you go to brush or comb, you don’t snag and pull at your hair.


Yes, even men need to have skincare products, including men’s facial hair wax. Seasons can put a beating on your skin, and you need to pay attention to your skin’s needs, especially if you have a beard or mustache. The skin underneath can become irritated, itchy, and even break out if not handled properly. Men’s facial hair wax not only helps in styling beards and mustaches but also plays a role in protecting the skin underneath from irritation

You should utilize products designed for your specific skin type (oily, dry, redness), but a basic skincare routine involves cleansing and moisturizing. If you have sensitive skin, invest in a gentle cleanser; if you have skin that needs more scrubbing, look for one that has exfoliation. Don’t forget to follow up with a moisturizer to keep the skin barrier strong and healthy.

Brushing and Combing

Brushing or combing through your hair would be your next step in the routine. You may want to add in some extra grooming products here as well; for example, if you have a particular hairstyle or beard “look” you’re going for, you may want to incorporate styling creams and sprays.

A simple brush or comb-through can also help manage the hair itself. If you tend to have more flyaways or frizz, keeping up with your brushing can ensure that your hair behaves and is more manageable.

Drying and Styling

Deodorants or antiperspirants are helpful to ensure you keep your skin from becoming sweaty or breaking out. If the skin under your hair is more prone to sweat, it can quickly build up grime and cause skin problems.

Look for specific deodorants or antiperspirants designed for men that work with your hair to keep it from becoming wet with sweat. Most products have a pleasant smell to help prevent odor as well.

Beard oils and balms are also helpful here to provide moisturizing effects and contribute to helping you with your style. They also ensure that the skin behind your hair is protected from harsh elements that can promote bacteria.

Once you’ve combed and added in your oil, balm, or spray, you can complete your look with a finishing creme or styling gel that keeps your hair in place.

Regular Trims and Shaving

The last step within a fool-proof grooming routine for men is trimming and maintenance. Beards and hair can grow, sometimes very fast, and you may need to trim more often to achieve your look.

You may want cleaner edges, in which case you’ll have to shave every couple of days or so to keep the lines on your hair neat and straight. It may benefit you to invest in visits with a barber who specializes in facial hair to keep up with your grooming.

Personalize Your Grooming

These are just the basic steps to follow and utilize when creating your very own grooming routine. Depending on your desired look, you can omit some things; you may even want to experiment with different beard styles, mustaches, and sideburns to see what looks best for your “everyday” look.

Taking care of yourself includes taking care of your appearance. Create a personalized grooming routine to ensure your skin and hair are well-maintained and show off your personality.