How To Fashionably Wear Medical Scrubs



Scrubs can be gendered or unisex, and unisex scrubs often fit loosely and sit close to your natural waist. Men’s scrubs fit looser than women’s, similar to unisex scrubs. Men’s scrub tops also have more oversized armholes, longer sleeves, and longer torso lengths. However, scrubs can feel stylishly restrictive.

But you can use various ways to dress and modify scrubs to meet your body type and personality. In this article, we offer tips on how to wear scrubs stylishly.

The fitting should be perfect.

The ideal fit for scrubs is comfortable moving in and appropriate for the workplace. Healthcare practitioners frequently wear scrubs for their entire shift, which can take up to 12 hours. Therefore, scrubs must be solid and cozy enough to wear for extended periods.

Knowing your measurements is necessary to find scrubs that fit you comfortably, just like any other clothing type. You should know your inseam, hips, waist, and chest measurements. Understanding your measurements will make it much simpler to understand a size chart, which is crucial if you intend to acquire any scrubs online.

When trying on a scrub top, lift your arms to check the fit. A positive sign is when you can lift them quickly without the top bulging out excessively. Check whether your scrub pants slip off your waist or drag on the floor as you try them on.

Determine the best cut for your body type.

There are many distinct cuts available for scrub shirts and scrub pants. Some individuals might discover that v-neck shirts or jeans with tapered legs fit them the best. A stylish appearance will depend on choosing the appropriate cuts that hug your body in the proper places. Depending on the cut, you can tuck your scrubs in for a more polished, secure look.

Pair your scrub top with your scrub pants

Scrubs now exist in both plain hues and designs. You can choose an all-printed appearance, always fashionable, a monochrome look, or a combination of the two. Avoid combining patterns; it’s simple for them to clash. If you wish to wear one printed item and one solid color item, make sure the solid color item is one of the colors used in the pattern so that it will match the printed item without fail.

Pick a color that looks well on you.

Choosing scrubs that highlight or complement your skin, hair, and eyes is always a good idea. If you choose to wear colored scrubs, consider the colors you often wear by looking at your existing wardrobe. Depending on where you work, you might have to wear a particular color, like black or cobalt blue.

Don’t forget to accessorize

Scrubs are customizable with accessories just like any other outfit. Under scrub tops, you can wear tank tops, undershirts, and thin long-sleeve shirts. You should pick a pair of shoes you are comfortable staining or tearing through because your shoes will most likely get worn out and nasty. Also, experiment with wearing various timepieces or hair accessories for a unique look.