How Water Benefits Your Overall Health

Drinking Water

Drinking Water

We all know how important water is to life on Earth, as well as how important it is for our health. However, many people still underestimate just how powerful this simple liquid is, as well as how much of a difference it makes regarding your health.

Tissue, Spinal Cord & Joint Protection

Whether you drink bottled water, water from a ceramic water filter, or water from the tap, one of its biggest benefits is that it helps support your tissue, spinal cord, and joints. Not only does it stop your skin and tissue from feeling dry, but it works as a lubricant of sorts for your spine and joints.

Much like putting oil in a door hinge so it works smoothly, water does the same for the joints in our spine and the rest of our body.

Waste Removal

Water is also the most important thing you need when you are trying to dispose of bodily waste. This doesn’t just apply to going to the bathroom, either. Water also helps us to sweat, which helps to keep us cool, but also gets rid of toxins.

Aids With Losing & Maintaining Weight

Water is also a vital part of any diet, as it helps us to maintain weight, but also to lose it. Being thirsty is often confused with being hungry, and therefore many of us will tend to snack instead of having water, the thing that will stop the hungry feeling we are having.

While it doesn’t work for everyone, if you are trying to lose weight, simply drinking water instead of caving in and having a snack can often help you fight cravings and give you more control over eating habits you may be looking to change.

Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation is small but very important part of our existence. It is one of those things that is almost unnoticeable when it is done correctly but can ruin your day, sleep, and mood when not functioning correctly.

Some research has indicated that being dehydrated makes someone far more likely to suffer from heat stroke and other physical problems associated with being too hot.



Maximizes Physical Performance

Water is also vital for physical performance as it is used by the muscles to remain strong and free from fatigue. For example, when you are doing bicep curls, water enters the muscles in your arms and allows you to move the weight and not be tired out quickly; this is also why something like creatine is such a popular supplement.

How to Tell You’re Dehydrated

Being able to spot when you are dehydrated can be easy, but it can also be a bit tricky as there are some symptoms that are associated with other common problems. However, here are some of the most common side effects of being dehydrated.

Thirsty Even After Drinking Something

One of the most common signs of dehydration is still being thirsty after drinking a glass or two of water. Many of us have experienced this after a night out having a few alcoholic beverages, but you don’t have to have a cocktail or two to experience it.

One of the best ways to judge if you are dehydrated or not is also the simplest; if you are thirsty, you are dehydrated. If you aren’t, you have had enough liquid.


Another common side effect is headaches. The problem with a headache is that many tend to think it is stress, they’re tired, or something similar. While these are obviously common causes, when you get a headache, drink a bottle or two of water; more often than not, water will at least make you feel better and even stop the headache entirely.


A more severe symptom of dehydration is dizziness. Feeling dizzy and uneasy on your feet is something you will experience if you go a few hours without water. If you are from a cooler country and visit somewhere very hot, you will often experience dizziness within a day or two of arriving.

Dry Skin

Dry skin, especially a dry mouth and dry lips, are two common side effects as well. Your lips are also one of the best “tools” you have to judge how hydrated you are; if they are chapped and you feel like you constantly need to apply lip balm, more often than not, water will fix it right away.

Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Loss of Concentration

Another extreme side effect that is actually far easier to experience than you may think is the loss of concentration and the inability to focus. Especially in Summer, if you have been active and sweating all day and not drinking enough water, being able to read or even tell a story will be difficult.

This is also a side effect many survival experts warn you about, as dehydration can hinder everything from your concentration to your ability to put a sentence together and your decision-making skills.

As you can see, water is important for everything from digestion to helping you lift weights. Your bones, tissue, and joints love it, as well as your skin and hair. While there is no need to drink gallons of water every day, drinking the recommended daily amount will make instant improvements to your health and performance.