Is a Standing Desk Really Healthier?

Standing Desk Really Healthier

Standing Desk Really Healthier

Many of us spend most of our day sitting whether we are working, watching tv, or scrolling social media, we do it sitting down. It is common knowledge that sitting and being sedentary can lead to an increased risk of weight gain and obesity but there are additional health risks as well. Sitting for long periods has been shown to negatively affect your health in various ways, it can lead to the weakening of leg and gluteal muscles, inefficient digestion, decreased circulation leading to fatigue, hip and back pain, and greater risk of heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure to name just some of the negative effects of long periods of sitting. Office workers of the past did not have a choice but to spend long hours at their desks sitting, but this is changing as standing desks gain popularity. So what are the standing desk benefits?

What is a Standing Desk?

A standing desk is just what it sounds like, a desk that is tall enough you can stand at it. Most standing desks are height adjustable either with an electric motor or a mechanical method such as a crank or knobs allowing the user to stand and easily view their computer or other items. This allows for periods of standing without having to stop working or slowing productivity.

Cardiovascular Benefits of a Standing Desk

Spending more time standing and less time sitting can lower blood sugar, cholesterol, and reduce weight all of which contribute to better heart health. Additionally, standing increases circulation throughout the body providing greater alertness and increased energy levels. Standing also burns more calories than sitting and contributes to people being more likely to walk around burning even more calories. Burning more calories, even a small amount, can lead to weight loss and a lower risk of obesity thus increasing heart health and lowering risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Muscular Benefits of a Standing Desk

One of the most common complaints among office workers who sit for long periods of time is back and hip pain and stiffness. This is due to poor posture, hunching over the computer screen, and naturally sinking as one is sitting for a long period. By standing while working workers can relieve the pressure on their low back, shoulders, and neck. When sitting your hip flexors constantly remain in a flexed position over time this can cause these muscles to shorten and shrink. This shortening and shrinking can lead to an inability to fully straighten the hip when upright again causing pain and discomfort. By standing more often this can be prevented. Sitting can also lead to weakening of leg and gluteal muscles because they are not being engaged. Standing engages those muscles and keeps them active. Standing can also help relive the muscle stiffness that comes with long-term sitting.

Other Benefits of a Standing Desk

In addition to the benefits listed above a standing desk can also lead to weight loss due to the increased calorie burn of standing versus sitting and the increased likelihood that a person will walk around throughout the day instead of reaching or rolling for what they need. Overall, spending some part of the workday standing can and most likely will lead to increased health benefits and thus a healthier you!