Managing Knee Arthritis



Arthritis in the knees is not just something seniors have to deal with. It can happen even in young and otherwise healthy people and that can be quite shocking. Whether you are older or younger, it has a big impact on your life and one of the most common approaches to treatment is for the doctor to prescribe NSAIDs. While they have a place in treatment it is worth considering other options so that you are not just managing pain and movement with drugs. Things like supplements, diet, seeing a Physio West Perth or where you are, are all things that can help too. Here is a closer look at managing knee osteoarthritis.

Alternative treatments for knee arthritis that can be effective for many people

  1. Homeopathic supplements – There are a number of options when it comes to such treatments including Glucosamine, which has received FDA approval as a homeopathic option for joint problems. They are meant to help with both the pain and the inflammation making life more comfortable.
  2. Vitamins and fish oil – As well as homeopathic supplements there are other supplements you can use to help. Omega proteins 3, 6 and 9 are known to help lubricate the joints and help with mobility issues. You can eat oily fish like sardines, mackerel and salmon. It is also a good idea to make sure you are getting enough Vitamins D and C for the same reasons.
  3. Seeing a physiotherapist – If you are looking to improve your strength in the muscles around the knee, as well as your flexibility and mobility then seeing a Physio West Perth or local to you can really help. As well as including sessions with them to help manage the condition they will also teach you exercises to do at home to help. Things like swimming is also a great way to keep moving without putting too much stress on the knee.
  4. Getting out into the sun – The best physio in Perth will tell you that as well as doing your exercises you should also get out into the sun. A lot of people with arthritis say it helps to get daily sun and to remain active as much as possible.
  5. Living a fulfilling and positive life – It is important to not just stop doing anything because the knee hurts. The more you move the stronger it remains and the lower the pain remains. You should not avoid doing things if you want to do them. Find a way to still go to the places you want to see and achieve the things you want to achieve.


Living with knee arthritis takes some adjusting and can have quite a big impact on your life depending on the inflammation and pain level. But with support, talking to your doctor, communicating with people who also live with arthritis online, seeing the best physio in Perth and taking certain supplements you can still live a full life. Knee arthritis does not have to mean giving up on doing things.