5 Signs To Know If Your CBD Oil Has Expired


CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound in the cannabis sativa plant. Cannabidiol oil is one of the various products available in the market. The oil contains traces of carrier oils, terpene, and other cannabinoids. So, like other herbal products, does cbd oil expire?

In short, yes. The cannabidiol oil eventually degrades and expires. The shelf life of this product ranges between one to two years. Many factors affect the duration of the shelf life, such as the type of cannabidiol, its ingredients, and the way you store it.

The article will further help you know the five important signs to determine that your cannabidiol oil has gone out of date.

Factors That Affect The CBD Oil Shelf Life

Several factors affect the shelf life once the bottle is opened. They are:

  • Ingredients

Ingredients added to the oil have their expiration date, and it can bring down the shelf life of the entire product. If you buy pure cannabidiol oil, it will likely last longer.

  • Quality

The quality of CBD has a significant effect on the shelf life. High-quality products have a long shelf life because sources of hemp, growing conditions, and other chemicals used in the production process play a role.

  • Type Of CBD

The type of cannabidiol also affects the shelf life. If oils are CBD isolate, it tends to last longer than other extracts as they are pure. They do not have other plant components that could degrade the quality. The broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD is likely to expire sooner. They contain unstable substances such as waxes and essential oils.

How To Know If Your CBD Oil Has Gone Out Of Date?

All the products carry an expiration date, but improper storage can make it occur before time. Even though there is an approximate window of two years, there is a chance of the expiration of cannabidiol at some point. CBD oil’s foul smell and taste are the factors at the beginning stage determining that it has gone wrong. If the oil is new, it will have a musky, earthy aroma, and rancid oil has a skunky smell.

The points described below will help you know about the storage and expiry in a better way.

Date Of Expiration

Like any other product, cannabidiol oil also has a shelf life. If you feel any oil change, you can double-check the expiry date. It can seem like nothing, but knowing how long the oil lasts is essential. According to the FDA, it needs all cannabidiol products to display their expiry time on the package. A foul odor from a cannabidiol oil bottle indicates that the oil should be examined.

Shade And Consistency

The color and consistency are signs of the expiration of cannabidiol oil. The color change represents that it has reached the end of its shelf life and should be discarded. If your CBD oil appears cloudy or murky, it is due to the degradation of terpene and cannabinoids. It shows that the oil is about to spoil.

Moreover, the additives added to the oil might also become cloudy, and the product would no longer be usable with the additives dissolving. The oil becomes thicker and looks to be separated in the bottle, which indicates that it might have passed its time.

Cannabidiol naturally has a thicker consistency if kept in the fridge for more days. A hue shift says that chemicals included in the oil have started to degrade. If it is not spoiled, the oil should return to its original texture once removed from the fridge. When cannabis products like CBD gummies or oil are kept under sunlight, they may undergo this process faster. So one should store these products away from sunlight or UV rays.

cannabidiol oil
cannabidiol oil

Scent And Flavor

It is impossible to miss the flavor once your cannabidiol oil turns terrible. At the same time, the fresh oil will have a strong earthy smell which can be challenging to ignore. So, if the old CBD oil turns to a cloudy, unpleasant smell and flavor, tossing it and getting a fresh bottle of oil is recommended.

Price And Absence Of The Effect

When it comes to buying cannabidiol oil, price matters. You will pay high for the ingredients’ purity and the guarantee it provides. If you pay for CBD oil that has a price too low to be believed, it may have already expired or is fake. Another indicator to find out the expired cannabidiol oil is by experiencing its effects. They will use the cheap extraction process to reduce the price.

CBD oil may look fresh, and sometimes you cannot identify its expiry by smell and taste. In that case, you can only judge its quality by its effects. After taking the regular dosage of oil, you may not get the desired effects. Now you have to increase the dosage gradually. If it is partially expired, it will lose its efficacy more than before, so you need a larger dose.

If you don’t get the expected results even after consuming excess dosage, it indicates the sign of the expiry of CBD oil.

Unpleasant Taste

Pure CBD oil will have an earthy, grassy, or nutty taste. If it is flavored, such as peppermint, berry, citrus, etc., have that specific flavor. But expired oils will have an unpleasant taste or taste, similar to other oils that have gone bad.

Wrapping Up

One should always try to purchase premium CBD oil from a reliable vendor that uses good-quality ingredients and the best extraction techniques. After purchasing, you should store it in a dark, cool place and its original packaging. It is essential to regularly check the signs to find whether it is gone off or not. Besides, there are several other products available in the market other than the cannabidiol oil that also need to be stored properly. For instance, cbd vape pens, cbd roll ons, cbd lollipops are just a few among them. People new to the industry are also seen searching for queries like “cbd pen for anxiety”, as they assume the compound to help with various health problems. However, they should know that studies on these subjects are still ongoing, so nothing can be claimed with a solid scientific proof.