The Basics of Buying Cannabis at a Recreational Dispensary



Dispensaries sell a variety of cannabis products. Whether you’re buying flowers, vaporizers, edibles, or concentrates, knowing what you’re getting into before you leave, the shop is essential. Product labels are increasingly accurate and helpful, giving you information like total THC percentages in flowers or THC mg in edibles.

Know Your Limit

When walking into a recreational cannabis dispensary, ensure your government-issued ID (like your driver’s license) is in hand. Then, you’ll head up to the main sales area, where a staff member, or budtender, will take your order and answer any questions about the products. You may also find a binder or menu that explains the different strains available. They are likely called ice cream flavors, groovy racehorses, or other names that sound more fun than helpful, but you’ll want to know exactly what each product does before deciding which one is right for you. Remember that cannabis products vary in potency; some can take a few hours to feel the full effects. For this reason, start with a small amount and take it slow.

Know What You Want

Whether you’re a first-time cannabis consumer or you’ve been smoking for years, knowing what you want is critical. Your budtender will be able to recommend products that best fit your needs. Choosing the right strain for you can be a big decision, so take your time and read up on each variety before you buy. Ask your budtender for tips and tricks to help you pick out the best buds. If you’re purchasing edibles, reading the label and learning how much each product you can consume is also a good idea.  Regardless of what you’re buying at the dispensary, be respectful and courteous towards your fellow customers and budtenders. This will help you feel confident and comfortable shopping for your favorite cannabis products.

Ask Questions

There are a lot of questions that you should ask when buying cannabis at a recreational dispensary. These questions will help you choose the right product and get the most out of your experience. If you’re looking for a strain that’ll keep you focused or give you more energy during the day, you might need a sativa. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a sleep aid or pain relief, you might need an indica. A budtender can answer your questions and provide the information you need to make an informed decision. Moreover, they can curate products to help you achieve the effects you’re looking for.

Checking Out

In most cases, there will be a designated budtender or cashier to help you buy your cannabis. This person will guide you through the store’s offerings and answer your questions. You may have to wait a few minutes at the checkout line to be greeted by one of these workers. You will also need to show your ID, which will be checked at the front door and again at the cash register. A checkout process should be streamlined and organized, and every stage should be marked. This helps to reduce any confusion that might occur during the checkout process. For example, the billing information phase should include validation and form fields that are intuitively structured to fit all needed details. Unexpected charges or shipping options can deter customers and cause them to change their minds about their purchases. This is especially important when customers enter their credit card numbers for the first time.