The Top Ways To Protect Your Elderly Parents In Their Homes In Australia

Elderly Parents

Elderly Parents

An unfortunate consequence of being born is that you are going to get older and there is no way to avoid this no matter who you are or where you live. Our parents will always get older and with old age comes difficulties because things that were once quite easy to do, become a lot more difficult. Many of us move out of our parents’ home in our late teens or early 20s and so we always have concerns about them when they are living in their own homes and especially so if it is a two-storey property.

This is why many of us turn to technology to provide our parents with something that will allow them to reach out to us even when we are not there. You could invest in a personal alarm watch which will allow your parents to be able to press a button and this will contact you and health professionals. It provides you with the peace of mind that you need and the following are just some other top ways to help protect your elderly parents when living in their homes.

  • Install other in home safety features – As well as the alarm watch that you will buy, there are many other products out there that can help like certain appliances that can turn themselves off automatically in case your parents forget. It might also be an excellent idea to install some grab bars in places like the bathroom and toilet and this can help to prevent your parents from falling down.
  • Move any accident hazards – The real danger for many older people is that they will fall down and crack or break their hip. Many seniors do not recover from this properly and so this is why you need to take the time to go around their home and think about the things that might present problems for them. Rugs on the floor are always an issue and installing extra lights throughout the property so that they can see better is a good idea.
  • Buy them a smartphone – They will probably fight you on this one because older people tend to not embrace technology but once you show them that they can have face time with the grandkids then this should help to change their minds. It will also allow you to be able to call them at any time and actually see that there are doing fine. This helps older people to not feel alone in their homes and it is money very well spent.

Other things that you can do is keeping an eye on the medicine that they take and making sure that they take it as prescribed. We can turn to technology once again to purchase an electronic reminder that can tell them that they need to take their medication at certain times. It also makes sense to talk to any neighbours that live either side of them and ask them to call in once in a while.