What To Look for in A Quality Meditation Bench

What To Look for in A Quality Meditation Bench

What To Look for in A Quality Meditation Bench

Meditation is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries to calm the mind, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being. If you’re someone who enjoys meditating, you may have noticed that sitting on the floor for extended periods can be uncomfortable and distracting. That’s why having the right equipment can make all the difference in your practice.  

One essential piece of equipment that can enhance your meditation experience is a proper surface to sit on.  

You can go for a chair, which is great when you want to start meditating and have not figured out what works for you yet. Alternatively, you could go for a meditation cushion, which is more comfortable than a chair and allows you to sit upright. But the most comfortable by far is a meditation bench. 

A meditation bench is a simple piece of furniture that can help you sit more comfortably during your meditation practice. Unlike a cushion, it absorbs the pressure and weight that would otherwise be applied to your legs and knees, helping you meditate comfortably for longer.   

So, if you are buying a bench to use for your first meditation session or want to upgrade from the one you have, what should you look for? Here are the key qualities of an excellent bench that will give you value for your money:  

Consider The Height 

One of the first things you should check for in a bench you are considering is the height. That’s because the height of a bench greatly determines its comfort. The standard height that works for the majority of people is 7 inches. But if you are generally short or really flexible and experienced in meditation, you can go for 6 inches.  

Conversely, you want to go a little higher if you are tall, have long legs or are a little inflexible. That is 8 inches. Anything within that range will work okay. Outside this range, your bench might not be as comfortable as you’d hoped. 

Make Sure There’s Enough Leg Space Underneath 

While examining the height of the bench make sure to check the space underneath it too. When meditating on a bench, you sit on the provided sitting area while kneeling and with your legs folded under it. So, you don’t want a super small space that you have to squeeze your legs beneath. Or worse, struggle to get up after your session. 

You definitely want to make sure there is enough room underneath to assume this kneeling position. Most manufacturers will provide accurate pictures and even measurements to give you an idea of what to expect. 

Look For Adequate Sitting Area 

Meditation sessions can take up to an hour. And, if you are like most people, you have a session every day.   

So, you definitely want to ensure that you are seated comfortably so that your mind and body stays relaxed. Check that the bench you pick has a large and solid sitting area. The design should also be deep rather than flat to accommodate your weight while in the default kneeling posture.  

That said, in many cases, the ideal size depends on your preference. However, the standard size is usually between 17 and 18 inches. 

Go For A Slanted or Curved Design 

A good meditation bench usually comes with a slightly tilted seat to increase your comfort. The forward tilt helps support the body, including your back, so you don’t have to strain to kneel. This design helps you ease into the meditation position while keeping you relaxed and regulating your breathing. All this ensures you maintain the correct posture for longer.  

This tilt is actually a great consideration if you find meditating while sitting with your legs crossed somewhat uncomfortable, especially for extended periods. 

Make Sure It Has A Stable Legs  

If you have been looking at a variety of benches, you have probably come across options that come with foldable legs. This may sound quite convenient– you can fold your bench, pack it, and carry it anywhere. But there is some risk. This feature can make the legs a little shaky and, in some cases, prone to collapse. 

If you are looking for a bench that will comfortably hold your weight and serve you in the long term, you want to ensure the legs are firm and stable. The best part is, if you still want some level of portability, you can still find a bench that is quick to assemble and disassemble as you need. 

Lightweight and Easy to Carry 

Sometimes, you want to meditate outside in nature or in your workplace during your break. Or, you may want to throw in a few sessions during your vacation miles away from home. So, choosing a bench that gives you some level of convenience is also important. 

What should you look for? Well, something lightweight for easy portability whenever you are on the move. It should also be easy to pull apart for packing and back together for use without specialized tools or expertise. 

Remember, you should balance flexibility and stability when it comes to selecting the perfect bench. 

Great User Reviews 

Say everything checks out and you are confident that you have found a suitable bench for your meditation session. Do other customers agree? User reviews can give you an even more in-depth and honest product assessment. Remember, these are customers like you who have tested the product firsthand, and so can give you the good and bad of it.  

Still, take reviews with a grain of salt. As with any product, the meditation bench will suit every user differently. 

The Perfect Meditation Bench Should Make Life Easy for You 

If you have been considering upgrading to a meditation bench to make your session much more comfortable, this guide should help you narrow your search to the best fit. Apart from these key qualities, minor considerations, such as how well the color of your bench blends with your home’s theme, may also matter in your decision. So, shop around and make sure you buy something that ticks all your boxes.