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7 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Hair loss has become a common problem these days. People are experiencing distressing and frustrating experiences because of this. If you are young or want to overcome this problem at any age. Then a hair transplant might be the best solution for your problem.  

Due to technological advancement, hair transplant is now the best way to restore hair to its natural one. But before going for a hair transplant, you have to know several things. We will discuss the 7 things you must know before getting a hair transplant in London. 

Here are those things:

Hair Transplant is a Surgical Process

A hair transplant is a surgical process performed under local anaesthesia. In a hair transplant, the hair is extracted from the donor area and then transplanted in the recipient area. As per the hair loss and the process you opt the hair follicle is removed in the form of a strip or single follicle. In the FUE process, individual grafts are extracted from the donor area. But in the case of a FUT hair transplant, a strip is extracted from the donor site.  

Your Age and Hair Loss Pattern Matter

Do you know hair loss and the patient’s age matter a lot? These two factors determine the success of a hair transplant. If you are young and your hair loss is evolving, you could be a better patient for a hair transplant. If you have complete baldness, you also have to consult a hair transplant surgeon. So your age and the hair loss pattern matter greatly when you are getting a hair transplant. 

You May Need More than One Session

As per the hair loss and the result, you have to go for one or more than one sessions. If you have an advanced form of hair loss, you need more grafts to be transplanted in that region. In this case, you need more than one session. If you opt FUE process and get great results from a hair transplant. Then you have to go for more than one session in order to attain great density. 

Recovery Time Varies 

Recovery time after the hair transplant varies from person to person. Some people recover in a few days, while others recover in weeks. To recover quickly, you must follow the doctor’s instructions. Also the recovery time also depends upon the hair transplant method. If you get an FUE hair transplant, then in maximum cases, you will get recover in a few days after the surgery. 

Getting Results Takes Time

Getting Results after a hair transplant takes time. Do not expect full-head hair immediately after opting hair transplant process. Generally, it takes months to grow the transplanted hair. To see the complete results, you have to wait for one to two years. As a patient, you have to be realistic about the results. To get the best result, we will recommend you take the help of free consultation at Mittal Hair Clinic. 

A Hair Transplant is a Permanent Solution

A hair transplant is a permanent solution for the hair loss problem. In this process, the healthy follicle from the donor region is placed on the recipient region, which will start growing after a few months. That’s the region it is a permanent solution. But if hair fall started in the other region. Then you have to take medication from the doctor to avoid that. 

Choose Your Surgeon Wisely

The hair transplant result is directly proportional to the surgeon. From whom you are taking it. So choose your surgeon wisely. To Choose the best surgeon, you can see their certification and feedback from their clients. Apart from this, you have to check the result that they delivered to their patients.  


Getting a successful hair transplant in London can be a life-changing experience. However, to get the best result, you have to be fully informed about the process before making any decision by understanding the seven things mentioned in this blog. You can get the best hair transplant.