Extra Wide Auto-Lock Baby Gate: Flexible 109″ Width For Ultimate Safety



Having a new baby at home is an exciting time for any family. However, it also brings new safety challenges, especially once your little one becomes mobile. An essential babyproofing item for any home with infants or toddlers is a high-quality baby gate. The FairyBaby Extra Wide Baby Gate offers maximum safety, durability, and flexibility to fit a wide range of openings in your home.

Key Features of the FairyBaby Extra Wide Baby Gate

The FairyBaby Extra Wide Baby Gate has numerous features that make it a top choice for families seeking a secure and versatile baby gate:

  • Fits openings 24″ to 109″ – With extensions included in the box, this gate can extend to fit very large spaces up to 109 inches wide. This allows you to block off nearly any area in your home.
  • Stands 30.7 inches tall – The tall height helps prevent climbing and gives you peace of mind. Many standard gates are too short once babies become proficient crawlers and climbers.
  • Auto-close and auto-lock – The gate swings closed automatically behind you and locks in place. No more chasing after an open gate!
  • One-hand operation – For adults, the gate is easy to open and close with one hand. The double locking mechanism keeps it secure from baby’s reach.
  • Durable steel construction – Made of robust steel, this gate is sturdy enough to withstand 180 pounds of force.
  • No tools required – The included pressure mounts allow for quick and easy installation without any drilling or hardware. You can move the gate to other openings as needed.
  • JPMA certified – Meets the safety standards of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).
  • Mom’s Choice Award Winner – This is an independent seal of approval recognizing excellence in family-friendly products.

Why Parents Love the FairyBaby Extra Wide Baby Gate

The FairyBaby Extra Wide Gate is a favorite with parents because it checks all the boxes: safety, security, convenience, and aesthetics.

Ultimate Baby Safety

  • The sturdy steel construction gives parents confidence in the gate’s durability. There’s no chance baby will knock it over or dislodge it.
  • The extra-tall height combined with a curved top edge prevents climbing and discourage reaching over. Highly active toddlers will be contained.
  • FairyBaby adheres to CE and CPC safety certifications. This ensures the materials are non-toxic and the construction is free of sharp edges.

Convenience for Busy Parents

  • With simple pressure mounting, it takes just minutes to install in almost any location, without tools or hardware.
  • The auto-close feature eliminates frustration when you forget to close the gate behind you. Never worry about leaving it open again!
  • The hold-open feature allows you to keep the gate open when needed, then easily swing it closed when necessary.
  • Carry baby in one arm and operate the gate single-handedly with the other. The one-hand open/close mechanism helps busy parents multitask.

Flexibility to Fit Any Space

  • With a minimum width of just 24 inches and maximum of 109 inches, the FairyBaby gate can block off hallways, doorways, kitchens, living rooms, and more.
  • Place it at the top or bottom of stairs for added protection. The 30.7 inch height helps prevent falls.
  • Use the extensions to make it wider or remove them to fit narrow openings. You can reposition and adjust it as needed.
  • It’s perfect for growing families that are constantly rearranging spaces. Adapt it for any stage, even as kids grow.

Pet Safety

  • In addition to keeping kids contained, pet owners love using this gate to restrict pets to certain areas.
  • The durable steel construction stands up to scratching and chewing. The extra-tall height also deters jumping.
  • The auto-close function prevents dogs from pushing through an open gate and roaming where they shouldn’t.
  • Customizable width means you can block access to off-limit areas no matter how wide the opening.

Simple Set Up in Just Minutes

Despite its sturdy construction, the FairyBaby Extra Wide Baby Gate couldn’t be easier to install.

  • First, determine the width of the opening you want to block off.
  • If needed, add the extension bars that come in the box to reach your desired width.
  • Position the gate in the opening and use the included pressure mounts to attach it to the wall on either side. Tighten until securely in place.
  • Make sure the lock is properly engaged so the gate will auto-close.

That’s it! The gate arrives fully assembled so you can start using it immediately. Detailed instructions with pictures are also included.

For standard openings under 60 inches wide, most customers report spending 5 minutes or less on the initial installation. Wider openings may take slightly longer when using the extensions.

If you ever need to reposition the gate, simply loosen the pressure mounts and move to the new location. Re-tighten and ensure it’s level.

With no tools or hardware required, you can easily move it from room to room in seconds.

Unparalleled Durability and Security

Safety gates see a lot of wear and tear. With kids and pets constantly passing through, lesser quality gates can get wobbly or warped. The durable steel construction of the FairyBaby Extra Wide Gate prevents this.

Here are some key points on why it outperforms competitors:

  • Larger diameter steel tubing creates exceptional strength. This prevents bending or sagging over time.
  • Powder coated finish resists scratches and scuffs better than plastic competitors. It retains a like-new appearance.
  • 180 pound weight capacity means it won’t falter under pressure. Kids can shake it as hard as they want and it won’t budge.
  • Locking mechanism is reinforced internally with steel. It will securely latch each time despite constant opening/closing.
  • Rubberized feet help prevent slipping and provide floor protection.
  • Curve-shaped top with smooth, finished edges eliminates risk of pinched fingers and prevents climbing.

Between the heavy-duty materials and reinforced critical points, the FairyBaby Extra Wide Gate achieves unbeatable structural integrity. No shortcuts were taken in manufacturing this gate.

The Ideal Balance of Security and Convenience

Parents need baby gate to do two things: safely contain their child while also allowing convenient passage. Gates that are fortress-like or require two hands to operate quickly become frustrating.

The FairyBaby Extra Wide Gate strikes the perfect balance:

  • Auto-close feature provides security while also eliminating the step of manually closing the gate each time. Just walk through and it closes and locks behind you.
  • One-handed, single slide-latch operation makes it simple for adults to open and close when needed.
  • Hold-open feature allows you to keep the gate open when desired, like when carrying large items through. Then you can release to close.
  • Double-locking mechanism keeps it securely closed and out of baby’s reach, preventing unintentional opening. But adults can still open it easily with one hand.

The well-engineered design makes you truly appreciate how a gate can be both safe and convenient.

Affordable Protection That Lasts

With a 2-year warranty that far exceeds competitors, the FairyBaby Extra Wide Baby Gate provides exceptional value. Gates half its price come with just 90-day warranties.

Spending more upfront means you won’t have to replace flimsy discount gates every year. This heavy-duty gate will stand the test of time and see you through your child’s toddler years.

Considering the versatile sizing, incredible durability, and convenient operation, this gate provides unbeatable quality for the price.

Investing in your family’s safety is important. The FairyBaby Extra Wide Baby Gate gives you affordable protection you can rely on.

Give Yourself Peace of Mind

Installing the FairyBaby Extra Wide Baby Gate means giving yourself the gift of peace of mind.

No more chasing after roaming toddlers or worrying about pets sneaking off to unwanted areas. You’ll gain freedom from constant vigilance, knowing your child is securely contained.

As your baby starts hitting physical milestones like crawling, cruising, and walking, a quality safety gate is a must-have. Don’t wait for your active child to have a dangerous tumble down the stairs or escape out the front door.

The FairyBaby Gate installs in minutes and adapts to nearly any space. Let it ease your worries so you can relax and enjoy this special time, knowing safety comes first.