5 Tips To Calming Yourself During The Summer Heat Wave

Summer Heat Wave

Summer Heat Wave

Air conditioning may make the summer heat more bearable, but those extreme temperatures can mess with your mental health. If you’re feeling irritable or overwhelmed by the heat, it might be time to look at how you’re taking care of your mental well-being. Consider OTC anxiety meds instead of moving to the Arctic. Here are some other ways to cope when the temperatures get to be too much.

Take Breaks in Cooler Spaces

Get breathers from the extreme outside heat by finding places where you can be cool. The library, movie theater and museums are all cooling places where you can forget about the temperatures outdoors. If you can’t go anywhere, make your own cooling space. Put a bucket of ice in front of a fan. Take a cool shower. Set up a sprinkler outside and sit in the mist. Use wet towels on your neck to help remain cool.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is important all year long, but in the summer months, you may need to drink more water to remain fully hydrated. Many studies connect hydration with mental health, so if you’re feeling sluggish or experiencing brain fog, you may just need more water. Avoid drinks with alcohol, caffeine and added sugar. Look for refreshing drinks of summer that include electrolytes and other nutrients, coconut water, fruit infused water or lemonades.

Build Connections With Your Family

Dealing with a heat wave can be easier on your mental health when you have people to share your frustration with. Find time to be with your loved ones to commiserate together while enjoying each other’s company. Summer is a great time to get together and to find ways to beat the heat. Host an evening picnic with only salads so no one has to turn on the stove. Enjoy a bowl of ice cream topped with summer’s fresh fruits that can help you feel cooler. Learn more about Brillia medication side effects and how eating healthy can help you avoid many negative side effects of prescription medications.

Get Enough Sleep

When you don’t get enough sleep, you become more irritated and grumpier. The summer heat can make it difficult to sleep, so you may need to find ways to keep your bedroom cooler at night. Keep your curtains closed during the day to avoid adding extra heat to your bedroom. Only open your windows when the night temperatures get lower than the inside temperature. During the summer, you may need to add a fan to your room to help circulate air even if you have central air conditioning.

Seek Support

If the heat is overwhelming you and impacting your daily routine, you may want to seek out professional help in dealing with the symptoms. There may more going on with your body than you realize. If you’re experiencing symptoms of ADHD in women, ask your healthcare provider for suggestions to help you manage your symptoms. The heat can be exhausting but remember that it’s only for a season. Fall weather will be here soon, so relief is just a few weeks away.