Legitimate solutions that will improve your health efficiently

improve your health efficiently

improve your health efficiently

Health is something that we rarely think about. When nothing hurts and you feel good, it’s hard to force yourself to think about a healthy lifestyle. And on the contrary, when our health falters, we are determined to do everything to fix it and get back to our normal rhythm of life. In order to face such situations as rarely as possible, it is worth constantly strengthening your health. The main question is – how to do that?

Of course, it can be said that thousands of books have been written on this topic and even more studies have been done. However, the essential things on which our health depends do not change. That is why remembering them from time to time and trying to apply them in everyday life is extremely useful. Let us have a look at them:

  • Physical activity

The human body is designed for movement, so it is not surprising that the changed rhythm of life and the work start to cause certain problems for many people. Long-term sitting and low physical exertion determines the fact that more and more people begin to feel pain in the back and shoulders, and complain of other pains.

In order not to face such consequences, it is important to exercise regularly. People often have different ideas about physical activity, so in each individual case it is worth consulting with a specialist, what kind of physical activity per week would be beneficial for your body.

A well-balanced physical activity not only strengthens muscles, but also gives energy and contributes to good mental health. And that is more than enough to start exercising now.

  • Eat a diet high in anti-inflammatory products

You are what you eat. You have probably heard this phrase many times. Although it is banal, it expresses the truth. The health of your body directly depends on what you strengthen it with. Therefore, it should not be surprising if you eat products that do not contain valuable substances for the body and, as a result, you encounter health problems.

So, it is very important to choose food products carefully and it is best to enrich your diet with anti-inflammatory products (such as blueberries, walnuts, salmon, ginger, chia seeds, etc.) In this way, you will not only strengthen your body, but also prevent many diseases.

Feel like you need help changing your meal plan? You may take advantage of the Immudi app that helps to achieve your wellness goals with our expert guidance, personalized meal choices, and innovative use of an AI chef. It offers over 25,000 recipes and personalized food combinations, so most probably you will never find cooking boring again.

  • Get adequate sleep

Everyone knows about the importance of sleep, but few really understand how important it is for the health of the body. For example, according to scientists, if a person who has slept less than 8 hours drives, his reaction is equivalent to the reaction of a person who has drunk a couple of cans of beer. Such and similar studies leave no doubt that sleep has a direct impact on our attention, concentration and reaction to various situations.

It has to be noted that sleep is important not only for mental health – the cells of the body are also restored during sleep. What is more, muscles recover, protein synthesis takes place, tissues grow, and hormones are released during sleep. These are extremely important processes in order to maintain the health of the body.

  • Minimize stress

Today, stress is called to be one of the biggest destroyers of human health. Although scientists are conducting more and more new scientific studies, one conclusion does not change in them – stress is associated with one of the biggest causes of diseases and premature aging.

How to deal with this problem? Each person in this case has to find the most suitable method for him. Some meditate, others pray or do various excersises recommended by specialists. Will these help you? You will not know until you try them yourself.

On the other hand, it is a process that requires patience and perseverance. In this case, there is no easy way to peace, you have to create it yourself. But are you ready for that?

  • Stop drinking alcohol completely

Another reason that does not really contribute to improving health is alcohol consumption. For many, alcohol has simply become an integral part of dinner or celebrations. However, you should try to get rid of this drinking habit as soon as possible.

Why? First of all, alcohol has a negative effect on mental health. Although at first you may feel pleasantly relaxed, later you will notice that anxiety begins to set in, the mood becomes depressed.

Also, alcohol consumption is associated with various health problems: weight gain, sleep disorders, skin diseases, as well as cancers of the liver, mouth and esophagus. So, if you have a goal to improve your health, alcohol is something that your body will not miss.

To sum up

So, improving your health ultimately comes down to your decision and commitment to stick with it. You have probably experienced in the past that it is not always easy to do that. Therefore, it is recommended to find like-minded people – it is easier to seek goals together. Especially when they are similar.

Other sources of help, such as books, movies, apps (Immudi for example), etc., will also be useful to help you stick to the plan you have. Every day, at least a small step forward will significantly contribute to improving health.