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Fat loss rules

Fat loss rules

Fat loss rules

You can find endless information and advice on losing fat on the internet. But not all of them can help you achieve the result. This is because there is no shortcut or secret ingredient for fat loss. To lose fat, you need to understand a few fat loss rules.

It is natural to have body fat. The role of body fat is to store energy for the body and protect organs and joints. It regulates hormones and body temperature. But a high amount of fat can result in many health issues. It can increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, and other heart conditions.

Here are the top 6 fat loss rules that you should follow to lose fat naturally:

Fat loss rule 1: Set a calorie deficient

Your excess fat is stored energy that you consume in the form of calories. To lose fat you need to cut back on the number of calories you eat and create a calorie deficit. You should consume fewer calories than you expend and force your body to burn stored fat for fuel. You can start with a caloric deficit of 400-500 calories per day. But if you restrict your calories too much, you will enter starvation mode and start losing muscle mass. Hence, it’s advisable to figure your maintenance calorie needs first.

Fat loss rule 2: Eat your protein

The next fat loss rule is to consume enough protein. Protein is an important micronutrient for your body. Getting enough protein can reduce your appetite, curb your calorie intake and help you burn fat. Protein can also speed up your metabolism and help you retain muscle mass. Studies show that eating protein-rich food can be an effective way to reduce belly fat as well.

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Fat loss rule 3: Get more fiber

Fiber is among the important nutrients that are often overlooked. But adding more fiber to your diet can promote a feeling of fullness and help you consume fewer calories. Besides that, fiber offers many health benefits such as lowering cholesterol, maintaining blood sugar levels, and improving heart conditions. You can add more high-fiber food into your diet by including

Nuts, green vegetables, fruits, whole grain.

Fat loss rule 4: Resistance training

Resistance training is one of the most effective workouts you can do to lose weight. Weight lifting is a very common exercise that can help you burn fat. It can also help you build muscle. Having fat-free mussels can increase the number of calories you burn at rest. So start with strength training to increase muscle mass and reduce body fat.

Fat loss rule 5: Do more cardio

Cardio is a common exercise to lose excess fat and maintain a healthy weight. Your cardio exercise may include walking, running, dancing, and cycling. Incorporating cardio into your daily routine is an easy way to lose body fat. Research suggests that 20-30 mins of cardio per day is best to lose belly fat.

Fat loss rule 6: Avoid refined or processed food

If you want to lose fat, you also need to be mindful of what you eat. Refined carbs are full of calories with zero nutritional value. Such foods would result in unwanted weight and many health issues. A diet full of whole-grain can lower body weight and waist circumference. To lose body fat, avoid eating processed food, white bread or rice, and pastries. You can replace these with whole grain,  buckwheat, quinoa, and oats.  For more on fat loss tips read the blogpost

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